Cricket To Cinema: Here’s The List Of Most Liked & Most Retweeted Tweets In India 2021

Year end occhindi ante ee year lo em chesamo oka rewind eskuntamu manam antha. Aithe individuals eh kakkunda companies, industries and sports, entertainment and social media category lo unde Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter kuda year rewind lo most happening things ni Top moments of the year ga announce chesthayi.

And Twitter kuda Top Moments Of The Year 2021 in India…announce chesindi. Mari mana country lo different categories lo top lo unna aa tweets ento…evarivo once chuseddama…?

  • Most Liked Tweet India 2021 – 539.1K likes and 50.4K retweets

Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma welcomed their first child this year and this was the most liked tweet of 2021 from IndiaMost Liked Tweet In India 2021.

  • Most Retweeted Tweet India in 2021 – 488.1K likes and 114.1K retweets.

Pat Cummins Tweet On Supporting Indian In Covid Fight and and his contribution towards covid fight retweeted the most by netizens.

  • Most Liked Tweet By Politician In Politics & Government – 297K Likes

Modi congratulating Team India for Historic win against Australia at Gabba tweets is the most liked tweet in Politics & Government category.

  • Most Liked Tweet In Business – 404K Likes

Ratan Tata’s tweet celebrating Air India win after 70 years of the airlines became the most liked and most retweeted tweet in the Business category.

  • Most Liked Tweet In Entertainment & Movies – 342K Likes

Thalapathy Vijay’s Beast Movie Announcement On Twitter Is The Most Liked tweet In Entertainment & Movies category with 342K Likes

  • Most Liked Tweet in Sports Category – 530K Likes

Virat Kohli praising MS Dhoni finishing touch In VS Delhi Capitals became the most liked and retweeted tweet in the Sports.

Most Tweeted Emojis in India 2021

Most Tweeted #Hashtags in India 2021

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