Nadar to Narayanamurthy: Here’s The List Of Top 10 Tech Billionaires Of India As Of 2020

IT – Information technology lo Indian NAI baat Chese country ledu. Agra rjayam aina America nundi Australia varaku anni countries lo mana Indians eh untaru. ONly other countries ane kadu India lo unna top most tech companies like HCL, TCS, Wipro, Infosys lantivi Worldwide ga Tech prapancham lo oka digital revolution ni tecchi Indian ni top most lo nilchobettayi.

Andhuke mana Indian Tech Companies founders and CEO’s aina kondaru ippudu earnings lo doosukupotunaru. Assala rokko tech billionaires la net worth and earning in 2020 chusthe meere antaru ammo enti intha thopula ani.

10.Kavitark Ram Shriram – Tech Investor – Net Worth – ₹13,600 crore

10He is a founding board member and one of the first investors in Google. He was earlier employed by, working for Jeff Bezos. He’s at 10th place in India’s tech billionaires list of India 2020.

9.Divyank Turakhia – – Net Worth – ₹14,000 crore

9With the ₹14,000 crore net worth Divyank is the 9th richest tech billionaire in the country.

8.Bharath Desai & Neerja Sethi – Syntel – Net Worth – ₹15,700 crore

8Syntel Technologies backbone aina ee iddaru 8th place lo unnaru with ₹15,700 crore net worth.

7.Anurag Jain – Endurance Technologies – Net Worth ₹ 16,000 crore

7Owners of Endurance Technologies, the family’s overall wealth increased by 55% and they are 7th place in tech billionaires of India’s list with ₹16,000 crore net Worth.

6.Narayana Murthy – Infosys – Net Worth – ₹16,400 crore

6Another founder of Infosys, Gopalakrishnan is at 6th position with the net worth of ₹16,400 crore crore

5.S. Gopalakrishnan – Infosys – Net Worth – ₹18,100 crore

5One of the founder of Infosys, Gopalakrishnan is at 5th position with the net worth of ₹18,100 crore

4.Raveendran – Byju – Net Worth – ₹ 20,400 crore

4With the World’s leading e-learning app Byju’s Raveendran has gained 4 places in last one year and made it to the 4th place with net worth of ₹ 20,400 crore.

3.Jay Chaudhary – Zscaler -Net Worth – ₹65,800 crore

3Zscaler ane global cloud based information company owner aina Jay Chaudhary ee year ₹65,800 crore ₹65,800 crore tho 3rd place lo unnadu.

2.Aziz Premji – Wipro – Net Worth – ₹ 1,14,400 crore

2Wipro Technologies ni one of the best corporate ga tirchi diddina Azim premji ee year ₹ 1,14,400 crore net worth tho 2nd place lo unnaru.

1.Shiv Nadar – HCL – Net Worth – ₹1,41,700 crore

1HCL company founder and owner aina Shiv Nadar, ee year Rs – ₹1,41,700 crore net worth tho top place lo unnaru. Ee pandemic lo kuda ee company ki 34% wealth increase aindi.

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