Logics that we see in Telugu movies


Tollywood movies lo many stereotypic logics untay. Some movies always broke them. But them these logics are repeatedly used in most movies and are shown in their own style. Konnitlo same old routine love story or family story or predictable suspense untadi. Ila there are so many elements that remain the same in mainstream classic movies.
Here are a list of 10 such logics

1. Immortal Protagonistlogics

Hero evaraina kaani..villain personality enthaina kani..hero entha injured aina undani.. he will never die and will end up killing the villain or atleast winning over him. This happens in soooo many movies.

2. Wealthy Damsellogics

Most of the movies lo female lead is the rich man’s daughter and tanaki epudu security untadi no matter where she goes and is depressed of this fact. There are some great movies which do not go by this logic too.

3. Manipulative VillainlogicsVillain entha strong oo anthe stupid ga kuda untaru konni movies lo. Hero vesina edo oka sketch lo villain ni manipulate chesi hero situation ni gelusthadu. Ila hero ki matram avvadu.

4. Climax sentimentlogicsMovie motham cheppalenantha family viluvalu climax lo cheppestharu. This sentiment issues arise because of someone eloping or someone dying or someone murdering or ilantivi evaina!!

5. Love at first sightlogicsHero ki heroine oka nice dress lo with hair open and wind pushing her hair back lo kanpisthadu. Heroine’s attire is usually light colored. Ala love lo padipothadu and goes behind her.

6. The love after fightlogicsHero thana paatlu padi tries to get the lady in love and does so many tricks to achieve it. One fine day he saves the lady fighting against some goons or saves her from an accident or gets injured thana valla or emaina ilantivi avvochu. That is when the lady falls for him.

7. Fight queuelogicsPrati fight lo hero will be hitting one or two goons and the remaining venaka queue lo wait chestunnattu wait chestharu!!

8. Stupid comedianlogicsVillain ni odinchaniki or villain chese panulu bayata pettaniki oka comedian ni vaadatharu. Your honor, comedy means to make the situation funny and not to make fun of the comedian. Hitting or slapping or kicking the comedian is not comedy. Kani chaala movies lo ade avuthadi!!!!

9. Strong but weak villain9 - villianVillain entha muscular unna kuda and hero entha injured unna kuda…okkka shot tho villain starts bleeding profusely!!

10. Bad timing with item songs10 - itemPlot chaala interesting ainapudu some movies bring up really weird or nice songs that take us off the plot..item song lekapoina baundu anpisthadi some movies lo!

11. Fights that are sometimes funny11 - fightFight sequences lo chaala kashtapadtharu and give us some intense action scenes too. Kani konni times it happens that emi logic lekunda flying boomerangs laaga potharu andaru hero kodithe. Apudu senseless anpisthadi.

12. Games with Guns12 - gunsVillain hero ni enni times kaalchina he misses to kill. Ade hero okka shot pelisthe villain ki pakka taakuthadi…what is this abbaa!!

This is just a funny attempt and yes it is a difficult thing to make movies…we always have to appreciate the struggle.

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