20 Tollywood Love Stories Which We Adored & Watched Repeatedly

Love and romance ee genre stories irrespective of any language world lo ekkadaina ee genre movies oka hit formula and can create wonders at box office. Anduke mana Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood lo love and romance genre mida movies enni vastunna eppatiki bore kottav. Anduke mana directors and directors kuda eppudu oka kotha love stories chepadaniki ready ga untaru.

Here look at some of the best love and romantic entertainers that we all love to watch repeatedly.

1. Devadasu

1 - devdas

Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s novel was adapted into a Telugu movie. It is a classic romantic tale that continues to be man people’s favorite because of the story and the finesse of the actors.

2. Geetanjali

2 - geethanjani

This is a story of two terminally ill people, with not much of time left to fall in love with each other. Though the movie ends in tragedy, it struck the hearts of the audience too deep that they could not get over the movie.

3. Swarnakamalam

3 - swarnakalakam

This movie is all about love and dance and the emotions of unspoken romance in the souls of two people. It starts pretty slow and picks up colors at the end.

4. Tholi Prema

4 - tholiprema

This is an emotional love story of a man who gets attracted to a girl at first sight and the girl who takes his autograph for being a good social being and they are friends. Everything else in the movie is emotions and love being true.

5. Nuvve Kavali

5 - nuvve kavali

Best friends can be best friends or can develop unseen emotions within each other. This movie is about those best friends who develop feelings for each other but do not sync the same feelings with their emotions and struggle internally. But finally get a happy ending.

6. Anand

6 - anand

A rich guy falls in love with a strong-minded girl and gets into her neighborhood as a tenant to gain his love. They both share a common past and revolves around how they both forgive each other and forget their past to live together. This is such an everyday love story that people would not get bored watching the film

7. Khushi

7 - kushi

This is a love story of two people who live their individual lives happily and then meet each other. They end up getting together after so many breakups and patch-ups. It is such a happy tale that you would not want to have the movie over.

8. Arya

8 - arya

If you are in love with a person, love him/her unconditionally without expecting anything from them. This was the line behind the whole movie. And the storyline was so beautifully shown with some comic touch too. ‘One side love’ got catapulted faster than light.

9. Prayanam

9 - prayanam

A boy falls in love with a girl at the airport and because his flight gets delayed he earns 2 hours to convince the girl and finally succeeds in doing so. Such a beautiful capture it is.

10. Ye Maaya Chesave

10 - yem maya chesave

Age is not a boundary for your heartstrings. This is a love story of two people who belong to different communities and the man is younger to her. They start as friends and finally fall for each other. No matter where they go or how many years pass by they cannot get off each other’s minds and finally get together at the end. It was so nicely portrayed and enacted by the leads.

11. Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde

11 - gunde jari gallanthindhi

The whole movie runs on a simple thing that we do not need to physically interact with a person to like him/her. Love happens with anyone and at anytime irrespective of you visually choosing them. It all depends on how much we learn our relationships and understand them.

12. Oka Laila Kosam

12 - oka laila kosam

Be good and do well without any expectation. If you love someone, give them everything to see them happy even if it needs you to give away your love. Time will heal everything and will get back the love to you. Such a classic tale put forth very differently. Naga Chaitanya proved to everyone that he has got a lot of depth than what we see through the eye.

13. Kumari 21F

13 - kumari 21 f

This movie is put under love story for the reason that the director tried his best to let the audience understand the fact that an outgoing girl doesn’t necessarily have a bad character. And if she says she loves you, she means it. Do not get confused and break anyone’s heart including yours.

14. Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju

14 - mali mali eedhi rani roju

Love is about being emotionally connected. No matter where you are and how you are, you just know that the bond gets stronger even if you are apart. Love never fades and will always strive to get each other together. It is a love story that breaks all the stereotypes to take us many years back! Definitely, watch it.

15. Arjun Reddy

15 - arjun reddy

Game changer of tollywood, movie chusinantha sepu aa painful story lo involve aipotham but the end of the story happy ending evaru expect cheyaru. And ee iddari pair screen mida magic ki evaraina instant ga connect avaslisnde.

16. Tholiprema 2018

16 - tholi prema

Classic title pettaru aa magic create chestado ledo anukunnaru antha, kani ee generation ki tagattu manchi love story ichadu director Venky Atluri. Ee movie tollywood best love stories lo okatiga eppatiki undipotundi because of Varsha and Varun roles ala untayi paiga first love kada.

17. Bommarillu

17 - bommarillu

Em cinema andi regular andaru face chese love and marriage issues ni cinematic ga poetic ga director Bhaskar tisina ee cinema, ee cinema lo songs anni kalipi oka best love story abba. Only aa Siddu and Hasini characters kosame repeated ga chudochu ee movie.

18. Oohalu Goosa Goosalade

18 - oohalllu gussa guusalade

Such a decent film andi ekkada oka double meaning dialogue undadu, vulgarity undadu, just simple love story some twists and comedy in between. Movie chusthe edo manchi love story unnabook chadivinattu, love poetry vinattu untundi.

19. Varsham

19 - varsham

Aa time lo love stories ki malli oka high ichina cinema Varsham, even Prabhas and Trisha ee iddarki manchi image ni tecchi pettina cinema kuda ide. Movie lo iddari chemistry, screen presence, and love story ki kavalasina elements anni untayi ee movie lo main ga DSP mark music and BGM.

20. Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana

20 - nuvvuvasthanante nenu vadantana

Abbayi rich – Ammayi poor or vice-versa ila mana tollywood lo enni cinemalu vachayo lekke ledu andulo chala movies hit ea. Aa line lo ee movie loverboy image unna Siddharth ni rich kid ga, Trisha ni poor girl ga ee iddari madhya jarige love antha oka fairytale love story untundi ee movie. Again DSP mark music and BGM is big asset to this film, ee movie ippudu tv lo vachina chuse varu chala mandi unnaru.

Ee movies lo mee favourite ento oka comment eskondi inka repeated ga chuse love stories evaina unte comment cheyandi include cheseddam.

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