Lovely things to say to your partner that are better than I LOVE YOU


I love you, these are just than 3 words that express an emotion but there are many ways to make the partner essentially feel the vehemence. It is always necessary to show that there is friendship, care and trust more than to show love, because any relation stands on friendship and trust and definitely an ocean of love. There are numerous ways of explaining and showing your love rather than just telling it.

1. Treating them with their favourite ice cream as a surprise after their tiring day.Lovely Things

2. Caring about their health is, I think, a very big sign of love.Lovely Things

3. A bit of thoughtfulness when it comes to sacrifice of the tiniest of things like, watching their favourite TV show sitting alongside.Lovely Things

4. A relaxing head massage after a very long day.Lovely Things

5. Surprise meals cooked by one person for the other.Lovely Things

6. Scolding each other for not being to the mark of for letting the frustration go off.Lovely Things

7. A tight hug immediately after a silly, yet big fight.Lovely Things

8. Understanding each others’ emotions and trying to go along with it.Lovely Things9. Encouraging and appreciating your partners work. Since, everyone is special in their own way.Lovely Things

10. Funny dancing together, pillow fights, hitting each other with so much laughter.Lovely Things

11. Doing something more than your usual comforts zone when they need us the most.Lovely Things

12. Being supportive when your partner feels alone.Lovely Things

There are many more ways. Because love is the biggest emotion that keeps us happy in the world.