Madurai Restaurant Serves Mask Shaped Parottas To Raise Covid-19 Awareness!

This pandemic has bought several kinds of innovations to the food sector. It has changed all our lifestyles. Amidst all this chaos, there have been several instances which made us giggle or lose our minds. Food trends have become a thing in the last three-four months.

1 Restaurant In MaduraiBe it the Dalgona Coffee or Corona Pakoda, twitter has seen it all. While some of these trends made us fall in love, there were few others like Nutella biryani or egg dipped in chai made us question humanity once again. Yes, some of these food trends were that brutal.

But some of these food trends all over the net for the right reasons. One such popular and rather the latest food trend is the mask-shaped parottas. A local restaurant from Tamil Nadu went viral on Twitter for serving its customers with mask-shaped parottas.

Madurai, from the state of Tamil Nadu, is popular all across the country for the flaky and tasty parottas has stunned the country with its mask parottas. A hotel called Temple City came with a fun concept to remind its customers to wear their masks. Face masks have become our knights in shining armour. They have now become a necessity for us. But the restaurant owner has commented saying that not many people in Madurai fancy wearing a mask. And to encourage people to wear them each time they step out of their homes, they have come up with mask-shaped parottas priced at INR 150/-

2 Restaurant In MaduraiThis pleasantly surprised the Twitterati and the parottas created quite a stir. The hotel also serves corona dosas and vadas. Quite a fun way to spread awareness if you ask us.

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