25 years and the magical combination of Mani Ratnam and A.R.Rahman is still alive and kicking!


Mani Ratnam gives the most lovely and sensational love stories in movies nad A.R.Raham puts these fabulous plots to life with his mesmerizing music and BGM. They both have together never failed and will never ever.

Here are a few instances of this magical combination working just right.

1. Roja1 Roja
2. Bombay2--bombay
3. Sakhi3-Sakhi
4. Amrutha4-Amrutha
5. Yuva5.-Yuva
6. Guru6.-Guru
7. Villain7.-Villain
8. Kadali8.-Kadali
9. OK Bangaram9.-OK-Bangaram
10. Cheliya10.-Cheliya

Share with us your favorite song that features this magical combination.