This Time Mahatalli Aptly Shows How It Feels To Eat At A Restaurant v/s A Dhaba


Ever wondered how your behaviour changes when you enter a sophisticated restaurant? And when you think of yourself in a Dhaba, which of the places do you think you are more yourself? Pause for a while and just think…

Guess that should answer you what Mahatalli has picked this time and the interesting factor in this video is she has connected with many of our instincts through those situations we come across everytime we go out to eat in a restaurant and dhaba. The struggle to read the menu and not knowing what to order or the confusion over how much tip should be given to the waiter in a restaurant. While on the side how easy it is from ordering in a dhaba to even asking for a salad.

Kudos to this girl who never disappoints on the needed entertainment quotient in her videos. Please drop here your valuable words of encouragement and comments.