For The Party Freaks Out there, This Time Mahathalli Has An Interesting Take On Alcoholics. Do Check Out!!


Yes people, its Wednesday! And Mahathalli has come this time with a very interesting episode we all (I mean those who consume alcohol with love) can easily relate to. We all know how it is being under the influence of alcohol and how we regret the next day incase of embarrassing incidents. Those fake promises we make in haste or the carefree dance with our friends. All are just fun to memorise. Where as on the other hand, when you aren’t taking any alcohol, your reactions to the same is just subtle. Only when the spirit goes inside the body, it take a 180 degrees turn. Yes, I know it’s so much fun!!

Collating all such relatable things, Mahathalli has come out with a quirky video and it is definitely impressive.

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Stay entertained!!