Meet Mahima Datla From Hyd, The Richest Woman From Telugu States

Mana Telugu States nundi richest people lo….Murali Divi of Divi Laboratories, PV Ramprasad Reddy of Aurobindo and B Parthasaradhi Reddy & family top 3 lo unnaru. Villu kakunda inka top 10 richest Telugu people list lo mostly gents eh ekkuvaga unnaru.

Mahima Datla & FamilyAithe for the first time Oka Telugu business woman Mahita Datla richest women list loki official entry icchindi. Telangana and Andhra Pradesh lo unna richest and business magnates list lo ippudu Mahima Datla okaru. Assalu evaru ee Mahima…ime business enti? Net worth entha? And the richest woman ga ela edigindi anedi teluskundham padandi…

1.Mahima Datla

Who is Mahima Datla? And What Made Her Richest Woman In Our Telugu States

Mahima Datla Present Ippudu Pharma Giant Biological E. Limited Lo Managing Director Position lo Unnaru. Like After Covid-19 Pandemic hit anni pharma companies lagane Biological E. Limited based in Hyderabad huge profits ni gain chesindi. 44 Years old aina Mahima Biological E. Limited tho tana professional journey ni start chesaru.

2.Mahima DatlaBiological E. Limited was founded by Mahima’s grandfather D.V.K. Raju and Mr. G.A.N. Raju in 1953 as Biological Products Private Limited. The company has made their mark with specialise in low-cost vaccines manufacturing and world pioneer in Heparin drug production through the years.

Ippudu Biological E. Limited ga name change aina ee company ki Mahima Datla Managing Director ga unnaru. Mahima strategies and guidance lo Biological E. cjust mana Telugu states lone kakunda India and Foriegn countries ki drugs export chese key pharma company ga raise aindi.

Biological E. Limited

Key Initiatives Like Low-cost vaccines and flagship in some rare vaccine products under Mahima:

3.Mahima DatlaMahima returned to India after completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration Management from Webster University In London. Adi completer aiyyaka direct ga 2001 lo Biological E. lo one of the board member ga join aina Mahima short time lo tana inputs tho Managing Director position ki occharu.

Mahima, managing director aina taruvatha Biological E. Limited ni oka effeactive drug production giant ga marcharu.Locw-cost vaccines ni production chesi India lone kakunda Asian countries ki export cheyadam. The company started manufacturing its flagship vaccine product, Pentavalent (DTP Hib HepB) in 2008. Biological E is a major supplier of vaccines to international development and aid organisations such as WHO, UNICEF, BMGF under Mahima’s leadership.

Mahima Datla & Family Emerged As richest business woman from Telugu States:

4.Mahima DatlaAfter Covid-19 Global Pandemic taruvatha the company sees huge profits, as the company signed a pact with Baylor College of Medicine, Dynavax Technologies and Johnson & Johnson in 2020 to develop over 600+ million doses of COVID-19 vaccine in the coming days.

As per the Hurun Richest People In India 2021:

Mahima stands at 15th position in overall richest people from Telugu states with the fortune amounted to Rs 7,700 crore, according to the IIFL Wealth Hurun India Rich List 2021 which was released recently.

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