A man from Hyderabad files against INOX and wins the case


“Arey endi ra idi…15 rupees water bottle ki 50 rupees teeskuntunnaru. Paisal emaina chetkalku poosthaya??” ila matladukuntune untam kani em cheyyaniki dhairyam saripodu. We all keep thinking about the ill practices followed by theatres and other malls by selling some things way higher than the normal MRP rates. We keep complaining in our groups and families but do not take the courage to talk about it to the public.

Meet Vijay Gopal who complained against these practices and won the case. Athanu okasari INOX ki velletapudu water bottle teeskelthe aapesaru and he asked the manager the reason. Security reasons valla allow cheyyamani chepparu.

Inkosaari when he went to INOX Kachiguda, he purchased the bottle for 50 instead of 20. He was very irritated by these practices. He was told that there were water dispensers inside the premises for drinking and that he can use them if he didn’t want to buy water from the area. And pulled them to the court for three instances.

1. INOX should allow people to carry outside water bottles as there might be many individuals who do not wish to purchase water from their cafeteria.1.-INOX-Cafeteria
2. Second, the water dispenser should be placed in an area where it is visible2.-Second,-the-water-dispenser
3. The multiplex should not charge more than the MRP of the bottle.3.-The-multiplex

4 April 2017 order, the Hyderabad consumer forum couer directed INOX multiplex to grant the following reliefs:

1. The movie theatre to have visual representation/notification in the theatre premises that the customers can carry water bottles into the screening area.50-instead-of-20.
2. Let them (customers) know the total number of screens at INOX movies, GVK one and the total number of water dispensers placed at this place. As he (Gopal) saw only one dispenser for multiple screens placed in a very isolated manner.3.-The-multiplex (1)
3. To take cognizance of this case and take required action against INOX Movies (Hyd) at GVK One Mall and directing them to stop such practices of looting ignorant customers.
They have also said that the customers should be allowed to carry water bottles to the cinemas and should not be stopped. The court gave Gopal a compensation of Rs 6,000 for the legal costs incurred.3.-aprial