#ManaMadrasKosam : Our New Age ‘Social’ Heroes

chennai floods

While the nature showed its cruelty with the ruthless rains in Chennai, our heroes have showed us that humanity is what ultimately embraces everyone alike. United we always stand strong – It is a lesson we all are proud to be a part of. If Siddarth, Vishal, Dhanush proved that they are not only good at entertaining, but at social service too. Here, mana Telugu heroes proved no less. With most of them spending their childhood in Chennai, the city is equally attached to them like any other Chennaites.

Using the social media smartly, Rana and Navdeep have been leading from the front in supplying everything needed to the injured city. Basic amenities have been a crucial requirement. These reel–now-real heroes have taken every step in coordinating from Tirupathi and Bangalore providing a helping hand to their Chennai counter parts.

They have joined hands together under #ManaMadrasKosam and are doing some awe-inspiring social work. Here check these heart warming tweets of their selfless act

The support and gratitude he received from Dhanush.

What else is more heart warming than knowing this.

You can too contribute from your side. Arrangements are being made from Ramanaidu Studios by gathering everyone’s contribution. Spread the word!

In these times of crisis, our heroes showed their humane side with their actions and are doing their best to help as much as they can. Good deeds need to be spread. They never publicized their acts. All that they are doing is for Mana Madras Kosam. From a time where we used to only see donations going into the relief fund accounts, these youngsters have taken a step ahead and are doing it by themselves. Let’s spread the word and provide a helping hand to these great hearts.

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