‘Manamantha Okate Brother’ : Allu Arjun Speaks His Heart Out On The Recent Issues With Fans


Pawan Kalyan fans need no introduction. They admire and worship Pawan Kalyan like no one else does. Any event where the Mega heroes or fans are involved, Pawan Kalyan’s name is picked and his whereabouts are asked for.

Now, a Tirupati laddo or for that matter any sweet can be taken only to a certain extent after which eating more of it will not go well with taste-buds. That doesn’t rule out the fact that the sweetness or the taste of that particular sweet has reduced or has become tasteless. The taste will remain the same, it’s just that we cannot take it anymore and would need a break. Basically anything of too much will definitely not go well.

Now, I am not sure how far you could relate to the above example, but if you take an unbiased and a closer look at a ‘FEW SECTION’ of fans who keep shouting out Pawan Kalyan’s name for no reason and irking others has really disheartened not just the stars but the other fans (which includes me). Their anxiety to know about their idol is accepted, but when it comes to public meetings, a sense of discipline is the least expected. There should be some logic and reasoning for some valid and worthy conversations to happen.

Allu Arjun, after the recent ‘cheppanu brother’ controversy at Vijayawada, took the microphone at the audio launch of Niharika – Naga Shourya starrer Oka Manasu audio launch and spoke his heart out.

He justified his act recollecting the day’s incident and addressed as to why he behaved that way and the reason he took this stage to address the same was because he wanted to answer the fans directly. He further mentioned that there have been multiple times when he himself praised Pawan Kalyan and they very well know how dear Pawan Kalyan is to them. He said that he was shattered the way fans have misunderstood him on this note and went ahead correcting them boldly hoping that they understand.

Now, just take the example of a person in your family. You know him better or your friends and outsiders know him better?? Let’s not get things complicated and keep things at peace. You, me and we all know what standards Pawan Kalyan has reached at this point of his career. Is it necessary for every word in the space to be filled about him. Just let people be by themselves. If other star’s words are hurting you, are you ready to accept that your words and actions are too being a pain to them?? Come on, be unbiased!! No one hates anyone and let’s not give an opportunity for it to even arise.

Just think of Megastar who would be sitting in his drawing room, reading all your comments and as he looks up at the wall, he sees his photos with Pawan Kalyan, Allu Arjun, Nagababu.. stares at them and then turns aside taking a yawn with a low hearted face saying to himself ‘entooo idhi..’

It is cinema! Let it not be too personal!! Those stars are normal individuals with equal emotions that you and me have. Give them space to breathe and you too breathe comfortably.

Watch the complete speech here to know what he said and we too hope there are no further misunderstandings.



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