Manu Telugu Movie Teaser!


After earning heavy fame with a classic short story, Madhuram, Phanindra Narsetti is now up with a thriller, Manu. He is a self taught director and firmly believes that creativity is something that cannot be taught. He won international awards for filmmaking in many international festivals. After a lot of heart-stealing, this time Manu is totally from the fans. It is a complete crowd funded film starring Dr.Brahmanandam’s son Goutham and Chandini Chowdary.1manu

According to Phanindra Narsetti, Manu is a character played by Goutham. He is a lover, Lock collected and an Amazing artist, someone who gives you a very rare form of art to take home and Neela is a role played by Chandini Chowdary. She is a perfect balance of science, art, emotion and creativity. She is the all new character that Phanindra Narsetti has done in Madhuram.2manu

This movie has already brought in a lot of curiosity among people and the teaser, first look has made it heavier. All the best Phanindra Narsetti and hope this movie gets all the success!3manuHere is the teaser..