Few Of The Many Common Phrases We Hear From Our Politicians

Being a politician not only involves constantly fighting controversies but also the way you respond, speak and behave in front of media, matters. Every incident that happens in your life comes in front of the media. They are also celebrities in their own way but might just lack the glamour quotient.

In fact, they are bombarded by the media more than the filmy personalities.politicians

1. When a politician is Convicted

1 - chatam

chattam thana pani thaanu cheskuntooo pothundi tappu chesindi entha pedda vallayna vodilie prasakthe ledu

2. When a politician leaves the party

2 - yemi badha ledhu

vaalu poyinantha maatrana maakem nastham ledu

3. When a politician is dead

3 - pragaadha saanubhutini

pragaadha saanubhutini, santhapaani teliyajeesthna. Aa vyakthi leni lootu teercha lenidi

4. When some incident happens

4 - tivranga kandisthunam

Mem deeni theevramga kandisthunnam

5. When a party looses in election

5 - tivranga kandisthunam

Prajaa theerpu ni gouravistunnam

6. When a politician joins the other party

6 - abhivrudhi

Abhivruddi kosame maa arratam, dani kosam andarini kalupu koni munduku veltham

7. when a politician gets involved in some scam

7 - kadigina muthyam

kadigina mutyam la baytiki vostam. maa nijayitini nirupinchukuntam/ No comments

8. on the occasion of some protest

8 - denikina memu sidham

Deeni kosam aa tyaagani kainaa mem siddham

9. On the occasion of some fair and festival

9 - Prajalaki aa asoukaryam

Prajalaki aa asoukaryam kalagakunda anni charyalu teesukunnam

10. When a politician criticises the other leader

10 - mammalni Vimarshihnche sthaayi vallaki ledu

mammalni Vimarshihnche sthaayi vallaki ledu

11. When it’s election time Vallaki Otu Adige Arhatha Ledu

11 - vote arahatha

12. Opponents after elections Prajaswamyam lo Prajale Nyaya Nirnethalu

12 - prajale

13. Politician promise be like – Antahkarana Shudditho

13 - athakarna sudhi tho

14. When it’s election time – Ichina hamilu anni neraversutam

14 - Ichina hamilu anni neraversutam

15. When it’s election time – Abhivruddi maa thone sadhyam

15 - abhirvudhi

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