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MastGo App : Finding Your ‘Blood’ Friend Is Now Just A Click Away


We all know that staying connected these days is very easy. You take a selfie, put a filter on it (digital make-ups you know), add bunch of hash tags, post it on your social media timelines and the job is done my friend! 565 Facebook friends of yours can see what you’re doing! It’s all out there.

Superb, isn’t it? Well, maybe no!

I bet you all would have come across some post such as – ‘Urgently needed AB+ blood group’ or may be a rant like this, especially in rainy seasons – ‘Please share this as much as you can until it reaches the Government….’ followed by a tragic story of a child trapped in manhole.

The problem is we are not ‘staying connected during emergencies’. Did you know that every two seconds someone needs blood out there and we have a shortage of 3 million blood units every year. To start with the basic statistics about blood availability in India, according to a 2012 report by WHO (World Health Organisation), only nine million units are collected annually, while the need is for 12 million units. Amidst our busy lives, not all times we are aware about the importance of blood availability. But, if told we are sure we will learn the importance. So, you see the equation isn’t balanced there.

Yes, I get it. But, what’s a possible solution?

What we generally do in case of emergency? We turn to our friends and family. That’s because we know they would help us no matter what the situation would be. Keeping this in mind and to make up for the shortage in blood availability, Charan Damaraju, a professional techie came out with the App called MastGoTM

The sole aim of MastGoTM is to eliminate that shortage of blood availability we are facing in this our country. While that has a long way to way, it can only be possible by when we take a step forward to address this issue.

What is the App all about?

MastGoTM is a unique social alert platform that helps people find blood instantly. It is not just about finding blood and donors, as we all are very well aware of the fact that prevention is better than cure, MastGo also enable you to get and share alerts about road hazards, which help you in preventing a certain mishap on your way or the way your loved ones usually travel.

Donor Alerts

According to Charan Damaraju :


‘Our Vision is to eliminate shortage of Blood Donors, delay in sourcing blood and serious and fatal accidents due to road hazards and conditions!’


‘To enroll and encourage youngsters to donate blood, provide Blood availability status at Blood Banks and share Road Alerts & Hazards with larger society!’

What are the features?

You can register as a blood donor, add donor alerts in case you need urgent blood and check blood availability instantly. And the best part is you don’t have to sign any petition. You don’t have to take part in any protest. All you have to do is be part of the solution!

  • Register yourself as a blood donor. You never know whose life you are saving.
  • Add road alerts. Start with your lane near your house or with your daily route to your office.
  • Be part of the solution. Be a hero!

What benefits do I get from this?

The best part of this app is we get rewarded for doing good. For best contributions and alerts, MastGo rewards through ‘MastGo Star Awards’ which include free mobile recharge points and other rewards.

Where do I get it?

It is available on Google Playstore and Apple iStore as MastGoTM

With about 7000 Registered Users spread across all major cities and towns in India over the last 6 months, the app seems to be helping those in need big time with applaud pouring from all across the nation. The app has Blood Donors registered across 105 cities and towns. And road alerts have been added by users in 75 different Cities, towns and highways.

So, you see there is a big family out there to reach out in case of emergency. The next time you spot a bumper or manhole, don’t forget to caution someone with your alert. And when you know there is anyone on lookout for blood, we hope you very well know where is your one stop go for everything related to blood.

MastGo it is!!


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