The Mauka Mauka Guy Is Back..5th Time Lucky Is What He Hopes For..!!

After the horrific turn-of events yesterday, at the India – New Zealand opener, It’s time we divert our attention to the big game, India Vs Pakistan on Saturday. The records are plain simple, India has never lost to Pakistan in any World T20 clash. But that’s not all, even the Mauka Mauka guy is back with a feed message to Shahid Afridi, the captain of Pakistan team. The unflinching supporter of them, The Mauka advertisement starts off with the saddened pleading of victory and gradually moves on to a sarcastic passing on the mantle to Mauka Mauka junior. Hope Shahid Bhai listens to him.

As for us, we are looking forward to only one thing. 5 on 5. Simple.

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