Mayabazaar Mayalu


The name depicts lots of myth and magic. Ee cinema ni marichipoyina vaallu kani chudani vaallu kani do not exist. Ee movie telugu film industry ni for years together rule chesindi. These are somethings you should definitely know about the film.

1. This is the costliest movie of that time.
This movie was made with a budget of Rs.2,00,000 at that time only.1mayabazaar2. It was the first movie to be released in more than one language.2mayabazaar3. This movie was first made to be 5 hour long but then was cut to 3 hours 45 minutes.3mayabazaar4. The film was first proposed to be released by the name of “Veera Ghatotkacha” and then “Surekhaapaharanam” was in thoughts. Later, the name was changed to ‘Mayabazaar’ and this name itself ruled the cinema industry.4mayabazaar5. Ghantasala was the man behind the lovely music. He was so keen on it that he made the lead singer Leela take 28 takes for one of the songs and was finalized the fifth take.5mayabazaar6. The film is about Kauravas and Pandavas but the pandavas are only heard but not seen anywhere in the movie.6mayabazaar7. Lork Krishna was played by the legendry, NTR. This role was so famous that he played the role of Lord Krishna in 18 other movies.7mayabazaar8. It was a part of Andhra Pradesh state government 10th class syllabus.
The fourth unit of the English text book was named “Films and Theaters” and there is a special mention of Mayabazaar and its actors along with two images from the film.8mayabazaar9. This movie received so many accolades and awards
The film has received the Filmfare Award for Best Film in Telugu and was also featured at the 1957 International Film Festival of India and Indonesia.9mayabazaar10. This movie was later colorized and celebrated.
10-mayabazar The project costed 7.5 Crores and the colored mayabazar was released in 2010 in 40 theaters and was a commercial success and celebrated a second 100 day function after half a century years.

11. It was considered the greatest film ever.
A poll conducted by CNN-IBN in May 2013 awarded Mayabazar “The film as the greatest Indian film of all time”. A movie still holding the position after 56 years of its Release is just Awesome!11mayabazaar12. This was the first movie to conceptualize video calling and laptops even before they came into existence.12-mayabazarEverybody says that Startrek series predicted the future showing iPads and video calling 2 decades before they came into existence.But its Mayabazaar which did it way back in 1957, which is 47 years before Skype came out and 50 years before Apple released the first iPad.

13. The visual effects were done even before any software came into existence.14mayabazaar15. They created miniature sets and electrification back then.15mayabazaar