Meet Mayur Shelke, A Pointsman Who Saved Life Of A 6-Year-Old With His Heroic Effort

Mayur Shelke, ithane latest ga Social Media lo trend avuthunna hero. Oka 6-year-old boy ni life risk chesi train accident nunchi kaapadaru Mayur Shelke.

What Happened?

The incident occurred at the Vangani railway station near Mumbai when the boy slipped from his mother’s hand and fell on the railway track. They were walking close to the edge of the platform. As the mother was visually impaired and she was unable to save her child. She desperately shouted for his life.

The child was so small that he was unable to climb the platform on his own. At same time Train was approaching on the same track speedily. Mayur Shelke, immediately swung into action and jumped on the track, and ran towards the child. He lifted the child and pushed him on the platform and then he himself climbed on the platform just in a fraction of a second. Thus his timely action and presence of mind saved the life of a child.

Daivam Manushya Roopena ?

Mayur Shelke said “I saw the visually challenged woman and his son on the platform walking towards Karjat side. Suddenly the boy came at the corner of the platform and fell off on the track. I was 60 meters away from them and saw a train coming in speed, I realized even though we show a red flag to stop the express, it could not stop immediately before the boy was standing, as distance between the two was too less and speed of the train was more. I decided to save him at any cost. I ran towards him and put him on the platform. But I was scared in the middle as the train was near me, but with all courage, I jumped up. I couldn’t even realize that I had saved someone. I was just blank for almost 15 to 20 minutes. Later everyone started appreciating me so felt I had done something good. I think everything happened for a reason and I was present to save him.”

There is nothing bigger than saving lives.

His bravery has become the talk of the internet. From ministers to his own railway department, everyone is thanking the young man for his heroic act.

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