Lyrics Whose Meaning Nobody On Earth Could Figure Out


In the Indian style of making movies, songs are a major ingredient. Though we keep cribbing about the disturbance in the flow of a movie when there is a song, somewhere deep inside we do enjoy the songs. While it has a major role in attracting crowds, we have come across some of the best songs and lyrics through cinema. Some lyrics made us cry, some made us laugh, some feel pleasant and some even made us sleep. But, here we picked those lyrics whose meaning we are yet to figure out.

If you do know the meaning, please share it across. They all are good songs, no issues with that, but just that if we knew the meaning, it could be more fun. 1 - Summamma Suriya5 - Akkad Akkad2 - Dalamo Dalamo3 - Dilaku Dilaku4 - Dammare Dama dama

Now in the movie, ‘jinthak chitha chitha jinthak tha’ was explained but it was customized. When you look from a standalone point of songs, it really doesn’t have6 - Jnthaku Jitha

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