Scenarios Which Show ‘Meeru Oka Type, Memu Oka Type..’

A relationship is a complete entertainer only when there are contrasting mind sets and opposite personalities. Most of us assume that a relationship can take off only if the thoughts, tastes, habits etc of the two individuals match in equal proportion. But, contrary to this the argument is, the more contrast a pair is the better they will get along. There might be many perceptions to relationships and it is not something that can have a concrete definition. Though the only factor that can sustain every relationship is genuine affection and love, on the outset it is the different personalities that’s a constant Tom and Jerry game running around.

Situations and circumstances could be different, but almost every couple comes across such situations where they contradict with their partners. Let’s look at some of those situations where guys and girls contradict each other.

Waking up in the morning

meku mere maku mere2

If one loves to wake up in the morning, the other definitely has his/her side of argument to wake up late


meku mere maku mere3

Some people just can’t stay tidy, you know!


meku mere maku mere4

Some are really strict when it comes to party timings and some are really serious when to not follow any rules when they party

Food Habits

meku mere maku mere5

While there is a right side to staying healthy with food habits, the opposite side have their own arguments to feel hungry.

Following Schedules

meku mere maku mere6

Following schedules is a habit that comes with regular practice. While for some, it never happens how ever hard they try.

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