Meet 4 Indian Bowlers Who Captained Team India In Tests Before Bumrah

Cricket is a completely batsmen dominated game, antu untaru. Enduku ante cricket lo oka batsmen 50, 100 or 200 kodithe ocche response chala high untundi compared to bowler who takes a wicket. Fours, Sixes kodtunte chudatanki ista padtharu and batsmen ki ocche name, fame mundu bowlers ki chala takkuva ostundi. Oka batsmen ki long career untundi…kani bowlers dhi ala kadu vallu ekkuva rojulu team lo undali anukunna physical ga adi workout avvadhu after elbow issues with long-term bowling.

So ela chusukunna batters domination eh ekkuva untundi. Antha enduku captaincy ivvalsi osthe batsmen ki istharu kani bowlers ki chala takkuva istharu. Until, unless team lo captains available lekapothe just like what happened with Jasprit Bumrah now. Virat captaincy retirement ichadu, Rohit ruled out of Test after Covid so option leka Jasprit Bumrah ne captain ga announce chesaru BCCI.

ALmost 35 years taruvatha oka fast bowler ni Test Captain ga announce chesindi ide…after Kapil Dev. Yes, It took 35 years for the BCCI to announce or name a fast bowler as Indian Test Captain. Overall ga Bumrah is a 5th bowler to captain Indian Test Side…Bumrah ki mundhu Indian Team in Tests lo 4 bowlers lead chesaru.

Meet Those 4 Indian Bowlers Who Captained Team India In Tests Before Jasprit Bumrah

1. S VenkataRaghavan (1965 -1983)- Right Arm Off Break Bowler

Test Career
Matches: 57
Wickets: 156

Hailing from Madras, S Venkata Raghavan’s Test career was one of the longest for any Indian player. S Venkata Raghavan captained the Indian cricket team at the first two ICC Cricket World Cups of

2. Bishan Singh Bedi ( 1966-1979) – Left Arm Spin Bowler

Test Career
Matches: 67
Wickets: 266

One of finest spin bowlers in cricket history, after his graceful and beautiful bowling style. He captained the Indian Test side in 22 matches, and played a total of 67 Tests and took 266 wickets.

3. Kapil Dev (1978-1994) – All Rounder (Right Hand Fast Bowler)

Test Career:
Matches: 131
Wickets: 434

First Indian Captain to bring the World Cup To Us in 1983. He led the Indian Side in Both ODIs and Tests. In a total of 34 Tests as captain Kapil Dev won 4 matches, lost 7 and 22 matches ended up as draws.

As Test Captain:
Matches: 34
Won: 4
Lost: 7
Draws: 22

4. Anil Kumble (1990-2008) – Right Arm Leg Spinner

Test Career
Matches: 132
Wickets: 619

Anil Kumble took Test captaincy after no one came forward after Sourav Ganguly’s retirement. Kuble is the only leg spinner to lead Indian Test side, in his captaincy Indian played 14 tests and won 3 matches (won series against Pakistan with 1-0is one of them) and lost 6 and 5 ended up as draws.

As Test Captain:
Matches: 14
Won: 3
Lost: 6
Draw: 5

5. Jasprit Bumrah (2016-2022*) – Right Arm Fast Bowler

Test Career
Matches: 29
Wickets: 123

It took 35 years to become a fast bowler to lead Indian Team in Tests after Kapil Dev. Jasprit Bumrah became a Test Captain against England 5th Test now. Let’s See if the Indian Team wins, loses or ends up drawing this iconic test match and series under Bumrah’s captaincy.

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