Meet Anny Divya, World’s Youngest Woman Commander To Fly Boeing 777

Konni sarlu manam vinna stories manalni chala inspire chestayi. We should never give up on our dreams ani malli manaku gurtu chestayi. Alanti oka inspiring story Vijayawada ku chendina Anny Divya di. She is the world’s youngest woman commander to fly Boeing 777. Born in Pathankot, Anny wanted to become a pilot ever since she was a child. Vella father kuda army lo undevallu and later he took retirement and settled in Vijayawada. She did her schooling here itself.Youngest Woman CommanderChinapudu tanu pilot avta ani cheppinapudu, tana friends andaru tease chesevallu, but tanu tana ambition ni epudu vadulukoledu. Her parents were supportive and progressive in their thinking. Vala mother tana biggest support.Youngest Woman Commander

She started Anny started flying the Boeing 737 at the age of 19. Her family faced financial issues. Since she grew up in Vijayawada. Though, she could write and read English but speaking English was a major challenge that I had to overcome. Tanu 12th apoyina tarvata,she got through Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi (IGRUA), the flying school in Uttar Pradesh. They took a loan for my education. Initially, it was difficult for her, but slowly she gets adjusted. People used to mock her for poor English, which hurts her a lot.Youngest Woman Commander

She had completed her training when I was 19 years old. As soon as she finished her training, Anny got a job with Air India. During that period, for the first time, she went abroad. Tanu Spain ki training kosam vellindi and as soon as she come back, she got the opportunity to fly Boeing 737. Ever since then, there has been no looking back. Tanaku 21 years unapudu, she was sent to London for further training. It was then when she started to fly Boeing 777. Apatinundi tana life eh maripoyindi.Youngest Woman Commander

Tana profession male dominant ayina sare, passion and hard work, tho oka kotta trend set chesukundi. Tanu Air India lo work chesetapudu, she completed a degree in BSc in Aviation and also learned the classical keyboard. She has funded the education of her siblings who studied abroad and also bought a house for her family.Youngest Woman Commander

Kudos young girl! You are a true inspiration.

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