Meet G.R.Gopinath, The Founder Of Air Deccan & Real Life Inspiration For ‘Aakasam Nee Haddu Raa’


Suriya ki hit ledu…Prime lo vacchina movies anni flop avtunnayi…ila ee renditiki kalipoi check pettina cinema Aakasame Nee Haddu Raa (Soorarai Pottru). Pandemic lo OTT platforms lo chala release aina andulo konni cinemale mana audience ni entertain chesayi. Ippudu ee list lo Aakaasam Nee Haddu Raa kuda add on ani chepochhu. Akali meedha unna surya ki Surya fans ki full meals lantidi ee cinema.

Story, script, dialogues nundi start chesthe casting, lead roles, emotion, love story, friendship, drama anni kalagalipina ee movie oka perfect anukuntaru chusina vallu evaraina. Kani oka biopic i mean oka real life person inspirational journey ni ila chupinchina lady director Sudha Kongara ki okabig salute.

Movie lo Suriya chesina Maha and Baby characters chusaka abba em undira anukiuna vallu mari aa characters venaka unna real life persons evaro…vari actual story ento oosari chuseddam.

5.G.R. Gopinath The Founder Of Air Deccan Is Real Inspiration Behind this movie:

Gorur Ramaswamy Iyengar Gopinath AKA G.R. Gopinath puttindi Karnataka loni…Melkote, Hassan ane chinna remote village lo. Ide village lo Gopinath father school teacher and novelist kuda. Aithe Gopinath ni intlone chadivisthu vacchiaru father but later Goipnath went on to join Karnataka School and took admission fifth grade.

Admission into Sainik School Bijapur & NDA Exam led him to fly high:

3.Bijapur, Sainik School lo education complete chesi aa taruvatha Aviation and Pilot avvalane ane interest Gopinath ni NDA Entrance Exam clear chese la chesindi. National Defence Academy Entrance test crack chesina Gopinath, 3 Years Academy lo rigorous training complete chesi IMA (Indian Military ACademy) lo pilot ga join aiyyadu.

Joined Army at the age of 20, Retired at the age of 28 & Founded Air Deccan in 2003:

1.20 years age lo Indian army lo join aina Gopinath garu, akkada pilot chesthu Captain rank tecchukunnaru. 1971 lo Bangladesh Liberation War lo pilot ga fought chesina Gopinath 28 years lo Indian Army nundi reitere aiyyaru. 8 years service chesina Gopinath retirement taruvatha Gopinath ecologically sustainable sericulture farm start chesi innovative methods dwara farming chesinanduku he earned Rolex Laureate Award in 1996. Next, he started the Malnad Mobikes (Enfield dealership) and opened a hotel in Hassan.In 1997 Gopinath, along with friend Capt. K.J. Samuel with a single leased helicopter – operating out of a small office in Bangalore’s Infantry Road – has since grown into a mature business with a fleet of 13 choppers and 3 aircraft. After a few years into airline business Gopinath decided to start Air Deccan in 2003 with the support of his 3 friends.

Dream of of low cost airline, flight for every one with just Rs 1 ticket:

2.Life lo electricity, train lanti chinna chinna vishayalunu village lo chusina Gopinath villages ki flight services and common man kuda flight cheyali ane okkate aim tho Air Deccan ni start chesaru. Ika start chesinatha easy ga Air Deccan success avvaledu 2003 nundi 2007 varaku 4 years country lo unna big airlines likes Jihad, Kingfisher, Jet Airways lanti owners nundi Gopinath chala struggles face chesaru.

Support from Bhargavi Gopinath, Alliance & Cheating Incidents with Vijay Mallya:

6.Gopinath gari wife aina Bhargavi, Hassan village lo bakery start chesi Gopinath icchina ideas ni follow ayyi Baking & Confectionery lo course chesi ‘Bun World’ ane bakery chain start chesaru. E bakeries nundi vacchina money ni Gopinath ki ki icchi Air Deccan ni start cheydam lo build cheyadam lo major role play chesaru. ANthe kadu Air Deccan services start aiyyaka flight lo ‘Bun World’ nundi chesina cakes, buns and other snacks ni vallaki low prices ki ivvadam start chesi business ni expand chesaru.

Ika idi ila unte 2003 lo Air Deccan chestunna business chusi company merge kosam Kingfisher Airlines owner Vijay Mallya open offer iccharu. Mallya icchina offer nacchani Gopinath just handover matrame chesthanu ani annaru. Al Mallya handover chesunakka Air Deccan ki almost 213 crores cheat chesaka, he felt bad and cancelled the deal with him. Later Gopinath decided to change Air Deccan as Simplify Deccan with the sole motive of single airlines business expansion.

4.Simplifly Deccan adopted the livery of Kingfisher Airlines following the merger. The tail, engines and underside were painted red, and the kingfisher bird logo was applied to the tail. The former livery consisted of a fading blue cheatline and, on the tail, a blue circle with two yellow hands joined at the thumb like the wings of a bird.[ The airline’s mascot, R. K. Laxman’s The Common Man, was often incorporated into the old livery. It was chosen in May 2005 to emphasise Simplifly Deccan’s goal of making air travel more accessible.