Meet Goutham Kumar – A Man Who Became A Beacon Of Hope For Needy And Orphan People

Manava Seva Ea Madhava Seva annaru, kani ippudu unna busy life lo people valla gurunchi thappa migatha vari gurunchi alochinchey time ekkada untundi. Seva, social service lantivi kakapoina atleast road mida accident avtey help kuda cheyanantha busy people manam. At the same time adey road mida traffic signals lo begging chesey kids ni chusi ayyo papam ankuntam. Manalo kondariki variki help cheyalani unna manaki unna personal commitments valla possible avvadu.1 - traffic

Sarey ippudu idi antha enduku chepthunam ankuntunnara? Em ledu miku Goutham Kumar aney oka youngster run chesthunna NGO gurunchi cheppadaniki. Goutham Kumar anadarila baga chadivi, manchi job lo settle avvali ankunnadu ala MCA varaku studies complete chesadu. But aa taruvatha jargina oka incident atani Serve Needy Voluntary Organization ni start cheyinchindi. 12 group of kids ni hijack chesthunna varini department help tho save chesina Goutham varitho ekanga oka orphanage ea start chesadu.2 - serve needy

Serve Needy Organization ni just a passion kosam kadu but purpose kosam run chesthunna Goutham, India ni Hunger-Free and No Orphan Country ga chudalanedi tana NGO soulful aim antunadu. Chinna thought tho start aiyyina ee NGO, ippudu endaro orphan kids, mentally challenged and old uncared people, ila entho mandiki shelter la marindi.

Serve Needy Organization, is now Serving Humanity & Society with various social services.

Orphanage Home:3 - orphange home

Goutham runs a shelter home for Orphans, Underprivileged, and Trafficked kids. Currently, there are 34 kids housed in the orphanage. We provide a homely environment with all opportunities for development including formal and informal education.

Old-Age Home:4 - oldage home

They have started an old-age home for uncared old people in Hyderabad in may 2018. Serve Needy have a home for those old people who have no one to look after them or those who have been thrown out of their homes by their children. All the old people have been rescued from various conditions.

Anna Danam:5 - anna dhanam

Serve Needy team prepare quality home cooked food with the help of sponsors and feed as many as poor and hungry stomachs in the city. They have been doing this service every day since 830 days and will continue to do it..!! They feed a minimum of 1000-2000 meals every day.

Last Rites For Orphan Dead Bodies:6 - dead bodies

Goutham believes that “NO ONE DESERVE TO DIE AS AN ORPHAN WHEN I’M ALIVE” He took an initiative to perform last rites to unclaimed dead bodies. He obtains police clearance and depending upon the caste and religion of the dead, last rites are performed. The ashes are also dissolved in lakes if performed in Hindu traditional way.


“Goseva is Govinda Seva” According to Hindu mythology all the demigods reside in the body of cow and cow is considered divine due to the presence of the divinities. We serve needy team visit goshala and offer grass, other suitable fruits, vegetables and grains.caress them brush them and pray to them.

Green Book:7 - books

The concept of the green book is Reuse-Recycle. Through this project, we are saying Tress and giving education to poor kids. We collect waste paper material and make Notebooks through the recycling process. We then give those notebooks to poor kids in government schools. This is in hope to save mother nature.

Helping Govt Schools:8 - govt schools

Goutham and serve needy team identify government schools which are in poor condition and donate shoes, stationery items and necessary supplies to schools to make sure the kids are continuing their education without any interruption.

Helping Cancer Patients:9 - cancer paitents

Serve needy team prepares healthy protein drink to recommend by doctors and distribute to more than 300 patients in cancer hospitals every week. Goutham also celebrates patients birthdays, fulfil their last wishes.

Serve Needy Branches:10 - branches

Goutham wants to serve more as much as possible, but his NGO needs financial support to do so. If you want to be a part of this humanity chain, please go through the below details.

OFFICE ADDRESS : Serve Needy Orphanage Home,
Plot No 66, Gruhalakshmi Colony,
Near M.L.A Sai Anna office,
Kakaguda, Karkhana,
Hyderabad, India 500015.

CONTACT DETAILS : Mobile Number: +91 9550335994 (Goutham)
Face Book Page: www.facebook/serveneedy
Twitter –

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