Meet Harnaaz Sandhu, The Miss Universe After 21 Years & Everything About Her Journey

Miss Universe idi vinagane mana Indians ki Sushmita Sen & Lara Dutta gurthu ostharu. For the first time in history Sushmita Sen 1994 lo Miss Universe title gelichina Indian beauty ga record create chesindi. Late 90’s lone ee title gelichi Sushmitha Sen ee beauty pageant shows lo manam kuda participate cheyocchu ani prove chesaru. Aa Taruvatha 6 Years ki ante 2000 year lo Lara Dutta Miss Universe title gelichina 2nd Indian women ga India beauty pageant history lo oka record create chesindi.



Aithe 2000 taruvatha malli almost 21 years nundi Miss Universe title mana Indians ni ooristhune undi. Prathi year miss universe title kosam mana vallu competition lo participate chestunna title raledu. Now after 21 years long waiting…taruvatha ippudu Miss Universe title mana Indian lady ki occhindi.

Yes….Harnaaz Sandhu is an Indian Lady who won the Miss Universe title at Miss Universe 2021 held in Eilat, Israel.

Who Is Harnaaz Sandhu? How She Won the Miss Universe Title?

Harnaaz Sandhu was born and brought up Guruharsahai in a Sikh family. Professionally she is an actor and model who hails from Chandigarh, Punjab. Harnaaz Sandhu is a 21 years old who was born in March 2000 completed her schooling from Kalia Public School and attended Post Graduate Government College for Girls in Guruharsahai.

Harnaaz Sandhu started her career as model at the age of 17 and won many beauty pageant titles before Miss Universe:

Harnaaz Sandhu showed keen interest and attraction to beauty pageant shows and acting as a career from teenage days. She started her modelling days at the age of 16 and later she participated in many beauty pageant shows in state and nationwide.



Harnaaz Sandhu Beauty Pageant Titles:

In 2017 Sandhu won Miss Ferozepur 2017 title and in 2019 Harnaaz won Femina Miss India Punjab titles. After winning the title of Femina Miss India Punjab 2019, Harnaaz Sandhu competed in Femina Miss India, where she ultimately placed in the Top 12 but remained as semifinalist.



Sandhu Won Miss Diva 2021 Title & Miss Universe Titles In 2021:

Ee year August lo Miss Diva 2021 beauty pageant show lo participate chesina Sandhu…Top 50 semi finalists of Miss Diva 2021 lo shortlist aindi. 50 semifinalists ni cross chesi became a finalist for Miss Beach Body, Miss Beautiful Smile, Miss Photogenic, and Miss Talented. Ee show lo topper ga nilichi anni competitions lo judges ni impress chesina Harnaaz Miss Diva 2021 title win aindi.



Ika ippudu Eilat, Israel lo jarigina Miss Universe 2021 lo jarigina beauty competitions lo title winner ga Sushmita Sen and Lara Dutta pakkana join ayindi Sandhu. Ee competition lo preliminary rounds lo maroon swimsuit tho judes ni bolls chesina Harnaaz Sandhu finals lo Paraguay’s Nadia Ferreira, 22 second finalist ni and South Africa’s Lalela Mswane, 24 ni whos 3rd finalist ni cross chesi Miss Universe Title ni geluchukundi.


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