Meet Kalyan Akkipeddi: Man Who Built A Self Sustainable ‘Prototype Village’ In Anantapur District

Ippudu ekkada chusina akasanni ante buildings, lavish villas tho prapancham antha concrete tho nindipoyindi. Gandhi garu villages gurinchi cheputhu ‘The Future of India Lies in its Villages’ ani annaru. Kani konni villages lo situations ala levu.. water scarcity, sustainability issues tho chala villages suffer avutundadam tho andaru villagers, villages ni vadili cities ki migrate avtunaru.

Alanti villages lo mana Anantapur oakti ikkada water scarcity tho patu environmental conditions kuda bratakadaniki suitable ga undavu. Anduke ee Anantapur district lo unna ‘Tekulodu’ ane village ki tana ‘Proto Village’ concept kosam choose cheskunadu Kalyan Akkipeddi.

Inthaki ‘Proto Village’ ante enti? Assalu ee Kalyan ane athanu ee village ni self sustainable village ga ela marchadu? anedi ippudu chuseddam.

Proto Village

Anantapur ee district karuvu ki care of address, district lo unna chala areas lo water scarcity unna villages chala untayi. Before Kalyan choose ‘Tekulodu’ he travelled for 2.5 years around India between 2008 and 2010 and visited 160+ villages. And finally he came back to his native place Anantapur and settled in Tekulodu village.

1. Water Ponds:

Proto Village

Minimum 240 feets bore esthegani water padevi kadu ee village lo now Kalyan along with villagers changed everything. Village lo unna valla support tho water ponds dig cheyadam start cheyinchadu so that rains padithe water save avadam tho patu aa areas lo underground water levels increase avadam use avtundi. And he did it 240 feets unna bore water level ni 140 ki tiskochadu with help of villagers.

2. Electricity Generation

Proto Village

With the help of his friends kalyan ee village lo oka Wind turbine install chesadu. And he trained villagers how to use it and generate electricity using turbine, solar energy and windmills.

3. Organic Farming

Proto Village

Assala farming ki suitable ga leni oka land ni tiskoni aa place lo organic farming ki set ayye la chesadu. 3 years taruvatha ippudu villagers successful ga akkada organic farming cheyadame kadu village lo different places lo plant saplings tho manchi greenery environment create cheskunaru.

4. Building Homes

Proto Village

Without using cement ee proto village lo only limestone, kiln and local available unde materials use chesi number of houses kattukunaru ikkadi villagers. And two houses aithe complete ga mud, bamboo, rocks and other naturally available materials use chesi construct chesaru.

5. Mayabazar – School

Proto Village

Adi enti mayabazar antunaru, school antunaru anukuntunara? Yes, idi school eh but he wont he name it as school because hence he named it as Mayabazar. Students learn everything on their own using the internet make toys, and other useful products.

Now, this village became ‘Proto Village’ replica for in India which is Kalyan dream. Ilanti vallu ooriki okaru unte prathi village nundi villagers migrations agipovadam tho patu Gandhi cheppinattu ‘The Future of India Lies in its Villages’ anedi jargaka tappadu.

Kalyan says, “If anyone wants to understand or replicate our model they are welcome to our village to know more about our best practices. We won’t charge them a penny. We want to be a support system for people who want to replicate our work in their villages.”

You can reach or contact him by writing a mail to

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