Meet Kerala Engineer Ashok, Who Built A 4-Seater Plane During Lockdown & Took His Family On A Europe Tour

Lockdown lo productive ga emaina chesara ane question evarinaina adigithe? Ante Ram adi….ani konchem alochistharu kani Kerala based engineer matram 18 months of lockdown lo oka flight ni design chesadu. Design cheyadam tho aagipoledu aa flight lo tana wife ni Europe ki tisekelladu.

Enti how it is even possible ani ascharyapotunnara? Memu mee laage surprise ayyi assala idi ela possible ayndi ani research chesthe chala interesting facts and pedda story eh undi ani telisindi mari adento meeru kuda teluskunduru kani padandi…

Bored Of Lockdown, Inspired Him To Design An Aircraft:

Covid-19 Pandemic valla lockdown announce chesthe manamantha intlo kurchoni OTT series lu, movies, dalgona coffee, banana bread lantivi ela cheyali ani chala try chesamu. Same ide lockdown time lo Ashok Aliseril Thamarakshan, malayali who settled in UK designed an aircraft after he felt bored during lockdown.

Ashok Aliseril Thamarakshan is the son of former Kerala MLA A V Thamarakshan. He completed his BTech from Palakkad Engineering College and then moved to the UK in 2006 to pursue his Master’s degree. After completing master’s he got selected for Ford Company as an automobile engineer. While working for Ford, in 2019 Ashok & his family were restricted to home after covid-19 pandemic and lockdown in the UK.

Lockdown time lo roju kaaliga untu edo okati cheyalani anukunnadu Ashok. And he got the idea of making small aircraft, where he started researching on Youtube, internet and took help of his fellow engineers.

18 Months Of Hardwork and 4-Seater plane is all ready:

It took nearly 18 months to build the aircraft model ‘Sling TSI’ which Ashok named ‘G-Diya’. The aircraft has been named after his younger daughter Diya. Initially Ashok 2 seater aircraft ready cheddam anukunnadu kani 4-seater aithe tana wife and iddaru daughters tho kalisi andulo travel cheyocchu ani anukunnadu. So he designed a 4-seated one, 2019 lockdown time lo start chesthe 18 months aiyyaka 2021 mid lo ee 4-seater aircraft ready complete chesadu Ashok.

Ashok Took His Wife, 2 Daughters To Europe Tour In His Own Aircraft He Built:

18 months of hardwork and Ashok and his wife jobs chesthe occhina money mottham aircrafts meedha spend chesaru in a result oka aircraft ready aipoindi. Aircraft ready aipoindi next trails start chesaru 3 months test run aipoyaka British Civil Aviation Authority nundi pilot license Sadinchadu Ashok. 2022, February lo Aircraft mottham ready aiyyaka, pilot license occhaka tana wife and daughters tho kalisi 4-seater aircraft lo Europe tour ki velladu Ashok.

Where Ashok and Family covered Germany, Austria and Czech Republic countries. Ashok and his wife together dreamt of this one and they saved each penny for flight construction, tour and all.

Assala aircraft engineering idea leni oka automobile engineer ila flight design chesi andulo family ni tour ki tiskelladu ante adi chala pedda vishayam. Manam chese panilo genuinity, will, motive and purpose strong ga undale kani edaina cheyocchu ani prove chesaru Ashok & his wife.

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