Meet Niharika NM The Witty Youtuber & Her Hilarious-Relatable Videos On YT Will Make You Say ‘So Us’

Recent ga Mahesh Babu Sarkaru Vaari Paata movie kosam chala promotions and press interactions, interviews iccharu. Aithe ee entire promotions lo Bithiri Sathi interview chala viral aindi and next Super Star tho oka influencer aka Youtuber chesina video kuda chala popular aindi. Aa influencer and Youtuber evaru ante Niharika NM.

Niharika NM Youtube and Instagram lo reels chase janalaki ee name chala familiar. Tni YouTube lo chese content ki chala fans unnaru. Niharika NM ane name tho Jim Carrey, Brahmanandam, Paresh Rawal, Vadevelu nundi Santhanam varaku andari comedy stars ni imitate chestundi and chesevi Hindi and english videos aina andulo madhya madhyalo Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam languages matladuthu hilarious content chestundi ee youtuber.

Her USP is her South Indian Slang and Accent – Chennai Express cinema lo Deepika Padukone character and slang ki chala similar ga untundi Niharika NM slang and accent. Andhuke mana South Indians Niharika NM content ni miss avvakunda follow avtuntaru.

Niharika NM was Born In Chennai And Brought Up In Bengaluru. Niharika’s slang, her witty accent, her comedy timing and her screen presence and masth relatable content made her popular across YouTube, Instagram handles. She has 2.8 Million Followers on Instagram and 980K+ Subscribers on YouTube.

Here Are Some Hilarious Videos Of Niharika NM:

1. Types Of People In An Elevator

2. Types Of Moms

3. Types Of Relatives

4. Moms And Superstitions

5. When Best Friends Fight – Ft Mostly Sane

6. Annoying Things Sisters DO

7. Things Every Mom Says

8. Types Of First Dates

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