Meet Prathyusha Parakala: The Only Women From Hyderabad To Explore Antartica


Trekking, is a adventurous and a stressbuster thing for now a days younger generation. Usually college students ki holidays vastey first thing they want to go for a trek through forest or any mountain areas. Trekking culture ippudu software employees ki kuda spread aindi, actually trekking is like a stressbuster thing for some techies and employees.

One day trekking antey city outskirts lo ala plan chestaru, if long vacation avtey we choose places like Himalayas, Leh, Kulumanali, Ladakh and etc. But Hyderabad native RJ cum adventurer Prathyusha ala kadu she decided to explore Antartica for a cause. Yes, she is the only girl who was selected for Antartica Expedition 2018 team from India.
Let’s see how Prathyusha Antartica Expedition was started and how it end.

1. The journey of RJ to Explorer.

Prathyusha Radio Mirchi channel lo RJ, and also she used to teach and create awareness about climate changes among school children and others. RJ ga untuney she explored many places in India and neighbor countries.

2. She travels, explores for Women Empowerment.

Apart from Rj profession, Prathyusha like to travel and visit world corners as much as she can do. Pratyusha biker kuda and she drives bike for women empowerment.

3. How she is into Antartica Expedition 2018.

Prathyusha lifetime aim is to visit Antartica once in a lifetime. And she came to know about Robert Swann foundation 2041 climate force. Then Prathyusha got selected for 2018 expedition team.

4. She raised a crowdfund for her expedition.

Prathyusha needs 23,000 USD financial support to start the expedition. She requested for crowdfunding and she got support from different NGO’s.

5. And finally, a journey is begun to Antartica Expedition 2018.

Feb 22 roju 90 global climate force ambassadors tho kalisi journey start chesina Prathyusha Antartica lo difficult climatic conditions face chesi expedition ni succesfull ga March 25th tour complete chesi Hyderabad ki tirgi vacchindi.

6. Telangana Government recently felicitated Prathyusha.

Antartica Expedition 2018 successful ga complete chesi, climate awareness programs chesthu youth ni inspire chesthunna Prathyusha ni Telangana Govt recent ga jargina Formation Day celebrations lo ‘Visisht Puraskar’ award tho felicitate chesaru.