Meet the Beast iMac Pro costs $4,999, Made specially for Pro users


Here is the beast iMac Pro from Apple launched on December 15 in US and soon it will come to India too.

Apple said “iMac Pro is first iMac never before made and Apple made it for Pro users” iMac pro comes 4 Variants the base variant with 8-cores and others are 10 Cores, 14 Cores and 18 Cores where the base Variant 8 Cores iMac is about $4,999 approximately ₹3,23,000. But in India its going to ₹4,15,000 said by

In India only 8 Cores and 10 Cores Variants will come for sale where the 14 Cores and 18 Cores will not be available in India due to a higher price, here in India 8 Core Variant costs ₹4,15,000 that was really huge when compared to the US.


1) Up to 18-core processor. It is possible that in India only the 8-core and the 10-core variants are launched because the other two — 14-core and the 18-core — could be too expensive for the market.

2) The all-in-one design of the iMac despite its pro credentials. It is 5mm thin at the edge.

3) 27-inch display with 5K resolution. It supports 500 nits of brightness, a P3 wide color gamut, and support for over 1 billion colors.

4) FaceTime camera with support for 1080P video

5) New speakers that are 50%  louder.

6) Up to 4TB of SSD and up to the 128GB memory. In the base variant, it is 1TB and 32GB.

7) AMD Vega GPU with 16GB graphics memory. Up to 11 teraflops, theoretical compute power.  

8) A custom T2 chip that offers better security on the computer as well as integrates several new controllers like such the System Management Controller, image signal processor, audio controller and SSD controller

Given that it is meant to be used by professionals, iMac Pro also comes with ridiculously fast hardware. Apple says that with “Xeon processors up to 18 cores, up to 22 Teraflops of graphics performance, and a 27-inch Retina 5K display, iMac Pro is the fastest, most powerful Mac ever made.appleMaking clear that this computer is for professionals, the company highlights that the iMac Pro is meant to crunch data while real-time 3-D rendering, immersive VR, intensive developer workflows, high-megapixel photography, complex simulations, massive audio projects and real-time 4K and 8K video editing.