Meet the dynamic IAS officer Sindhuri who is fighting for her rights


Chala rare cases lo manam oka IAS or any government servant honest ga undi, evaru tappu chesina vallaki against ga oka action tesukodam chustuntam and ivi ekkuva movies lone jarugutayi anukondi, but first time mana AP ki chendina Rohini Sindhuri Dasari Karnataka politicians ki chukkalu chupistunaru.sindhuri

First tana posting Tumukuru Assistant Commissioner ga chesaru and after one year, she was appointed as Urban development Commissioner. After four months, Rural Development and Panchayat Raj director ga work chesaru. And oka year tarvata Mandhya district CEO ga appoint chesaru. 2015 September lo Karnataka food and civil supplies corporation managing director ga chesaru. Recent ga 2017 July lo Haasan Deputy Commissioner ga appoint ayyaru.sindhuri

2017 July nundi tanu ento sincere ga work chestu epudu evaru tappu chesina, including politicians ni kuda vadalledu. Anduke tanaku January 2018 lo tanani transfer cheyalani orders issue chesaru. Idanta tanu ruling party politicians ki against ga veladame and honest ga undadam ani andariki telisina vishayame. She approached the Karnataka High Court and the Central Administrative Tribunal. The state government had issued her transfer order in January barely eight months after she was appointed as the Hassan district Deputy Commissioner.sindhuri

The transfer order March 5th na withdrawn chesindi and e transfers anni electoral rolls final publication ayyevaraku postpone cheyamani orders issue chesindi court, but the transfer was re-issued within 48 hours. Then the Karnataka High Court ordered status quo till the matter was decided by the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT).sindhuri

Now, ipudu again she is on news for her take against the Minister A Manju. On Saturday, she locked down Hassan District-in-charge minister A Manju’s office in the PWD Inspection Bungalow. Because, the minister for using government space for election work, which is against the Model Code of Conduct. Poll dates announce cheyadam tho, the election code already amalu cheyadam start chesaru akada.sindhuri

Rohini ki a office bayata nundi lock chesi, lopala works jarugutunayi ani news ravadam tho, oka flying squad of the Election Commission akadiki velli chusaru and adi nijame ani telisindi. So, issued the notices to them and the locked the bungalow. Minister Manju is expected to give a written reply to Sindhuri.6 - voting

This isn’t the first instance in recent times when Rohini has challenged the political class. She issued show cause notices after she failed to receive and see off the Chief Minister when he visited the district to inaugurate Mahamastakabishekha celebrations.7 - cm

We are proud of you Rohini Sindhuri! You are a gem and definitely an inspiration and motivation for many IAS officers in the country!