Meet The First Ola Women Chauffeur And An Entrepreneur From Hyderabad


Manam everyday TV lo or paper lo chustuntam adavallu anni fields lo success avtunaru ani. But reality lo oka lady entrepreneur tana company start cheyali antey chala difficulties face cheyalsi vastundi. Tanani encourage chesevalla kantey ammayivi nuvem chestav ani discourage chese valle ekkuva. Kaani chala mandi adavallu, vallu anukunadi sadistu ento mandiki inspiration ga nilustunaru. This 40-year old Lavanya Pothur from Nizamabad, who is the only female chauffeur in Hyderabad is one among them.

She is the mother of two children and learned driving in 2015. Her father was a railway employee and after her schooling, she was married to Ravinder, who hails from a farming background. Konni years tarvata, they bought a new car and her husband encouraged her to learn how to drive, as he was working in Oman then. He even suggested to drive self rather than hiring a driver.ola

Konni years tarvata, along with her friend Lavanya has opened a driving school in Malkajgiri, but kaani a business success avaledu and two years tarvata danni close chesesaru. After that, she didn’t think she could put her driving skills to professional use until her husband suggested that she join Ola as a chauffeur and an entrepreneur.

Konni nelala kritame, she joined the cab aggregator and has been doing well for herself. Ala she became an entrepreneur. She can drive her own car and even use those skills to financially support her family.ola

Kaani idi manam anukunta easy task aitey kaadu. Tanu chala challenges face chesindi and everyday chestune undi. She have worked the night shift and a few passengers even tried to misbehave with her. Kaani vellu chala takkuva mandi. Alantivalatho ela deal cheyali she learned quickly and okasari aitey she even threatened to take a person to the police station. Ilantivalle kakunda, ento mandi tana work ni appreciate chesevallu.

E job Lavanya ki not just for source of income, but tanaloni confidence ni build cheyadaniki and tanakantu oka gurtimpu techukodaniki entagano help avtundi. She has freedom and complete control over her schedule, which means she is able to make sure that she spends enough time with her husband and children. Vala pilalki manchi society lo ki tesukuradanik, tanu kastapadutundi ani cheptu untaru Lavanya. She has the support of her family, which most of the women don’t have these days. Entomandi sadinchagaligina valaki support leka em cheyalekapotunaru. Hope others will see her an example and come forward to join the industry.