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Meet the four Hyderabadi’s, who managed to get a place in Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2018 list


Manadariki telisina vishayame, recent ga Hyderabad India lone best place to live ani oka global report declare chesindi. And now, four Hyderabadis got a place in the most prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2018 List. Hyderabad city matrame kaadu, anduloni youngsters kuda making Hyderabad popular on the international platform.

The four Hyderabadis are Badminton player P V Sindhu, Gayam Motor Works co-founder Rahul Gayam, Stumagz founders Frederick Devarampati and Sri Charan Lakkaraju and Stan plus Tech co-founder Prabhdeep Singh.

Veerilo 22-year PV Sindhu gurinchi pratyekanga cheppanavasaramledu. She is the first woman to win an Olympic Silver Medal and now she stood in the no 1 position in the BWF World Ranking.

Rahul Gayam, who is 29-year-old is the co-founder of T-Hub Gayam Motor Works (GMW). Idi overall India motham mede, one of the highly appreciated product based startup annamata. Idi San Francisco loni Uber tho, Big Basket and Ekart brands vatitho partners ga unaru and they use technologies like IoT, cloud and in-house battery pack for their vehicles. Mana Andhra Pradesh loni Smart Cities Project tho kuda tie-up ayyi, clean energy vehicles ni launch cheyabotunaru.

Hyderabad lo start ayina Stanplus Technologies ane company provides private medical transportation. 30-year old Prabhdeep Singh is the co-founder of this company, which aims at minimizing the problem of ambulance shortage by providing its own fleet or the ones that it has aggregated. It served more than 15,000 patient calls in the last eight months.

Last but not least, StuMagz’s co-founders 25-year-old Devarampati and 29-year-old Lakkaraju kuda e list lo unaru. StuMagz anedi oka platform that works with the educational institutions. Idi students ki vala skills excel chesukodaniki use ayye oka platform.

You guys made us proud! Keep rocking.

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