Meet This Passionate Team, Who Are Giving Life To Theatre Art In Hyderabad

“Movies will make you famous; Television will make you rich; But theatre will make you good.” ― Terrence Mann

Ippudu manam chustunna cinema, serials, Netflix, Amazon what not simple ga cheppali ante the entire entertainment of the world modalaindi theatre thone. Theatre ante mana telugu lo natakalu, ippati generation ki theatre ante almost oka extinct species laa aipoindi sarina exposure lekapovadam valla but chala mandi art meeda honest passion tho unna vaallu inka theatre lo act chestune vunnaru irrespective of money they get and people that come to watch their plays.

2015 lo Sandeep Tadi, David Jonas & Harika Velaga David veelmugguru kalisi Storyboard Productions ni start chesaru.

“Storyboard is for those with an interest in any art form; be it poetry, storytelling or painting. We tell stories through different medium. This idea born out of wanting to bring honesty and passion to the theatre scene in Hyderabad” – Sandeep Tadi

March 14th & March 15th Storyboard Productions mana Hyderabad ki vastunnaru ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ ane play tho. Already ippatike Charley’s Aunt, The Physicists, Good Answer, Jambu Dweepam, ande ke chilke ane plays chesiunnaru. Indulo Tanikella Bharani garu rasina ‘Jambu Dweepam’ ane natakani kuda storyboard productions vaaru adbhutamga perform chesaru.

Inka ee weekend Phoenix Arena, Hyderabad lo storyboard team perform chese play ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’.

Synopsis of ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’

A story of tragic proportions written by the masterful Tennessee Williams, tell us the tale of one Blanche DuBois who comes to New Orleans to visit her sister, Stella who is married to Stanley Kowalski. The live on Elysian Fields in an old single bedroom apartment. Their lives take an unexpected turn with the arrival of Blanche, and what ensues is a roller-coaster of ride of emotions and pretences.

Founder of Storyboard Productions Sandeep Tadi about their new play that they are all set to perform this weekend in Phoenix Arena, Hyderabad.

Considering the play’s iconic status, I am a bit nervous but unfazed by the pressure. “I love the play for its characters; Everyone is a victim of circumstances. Our focus is to present it in a way that the audience understands every character’s perspective. Cultures might be different but our emotions are same. At the end of the day, if the audience are able to connect, our play has hit the right chord.”

Just imagine 2 hrs 30 mins play ni perform cheyyali ante enthati dedication and intense amount of rehearsals dani venaka untayo, cinema lo oka shot kakapothe unko shot but in theatre there is only one option ‘either you do or die’ that’s it anthe.

Prathi weekend movies ki velthuntam malls ki velthuntam but for a change ee weekend enduku ee play ki vellakudadu? Okasaari alochinchandi oka different experience kosam enduku vellakudadu?

So this weekend let us all meet in Phoenix Arena, Hyderabad. Here is the link to grab your tickets

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Let us celebrate theatre with ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ on Mar 14, 15 at Phoenix Arena, Hyderabad.

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