Meghduth Biryani: The First Of It’s Kind Cloud Kitchen, Delivering Tasty Pulao & Biryani Varieties In Hyderabad

Meghduth Biryani

The First Of it’s Kind Cloud Kitchen, Delivering Tasty Pulao & Biryani Varieties In Hyderabad Cloud Kitchen – ee madhya baga vinsipitunna business trend in metro cities. Assala cloud kitchen ante enti anedi simplify chesedi Cloud kitchen is nothing but a restaurant with no dine-in and only take away. Ee cloud kitchens anevi ippudu new business trend in metro cities like Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Pune, Bengaluru & Chennai. Cloud kitchens lo regular foods kakunda some unique dishes tho Swiggy and Zomato lo customers ni attract chesthu ee cloud kitchens, hit formula in food business. Hyderabad lo kuda some cloud kitchen services start andulo within no time lo popular aina cloud kitchen is Meghduth Biryani. Biryani ni affordable price ki deliver chesthe nenu kuda cloud kitchen start chestha antaremo meeru. Kani Meghduth Biryani vallu cloud kitchen ki oka strategy follow avtunnaru. Villa daggara dorike Biryani’s authentic way lo cook chestharu and deeniki some unique recipes ni tevadam tho idi hit aipoindi. Not just Biryani, they deliver varieties of tasty pulaos, ikkada Biryani and Pulaos and taste ki kondaru fidaa aipoyi regular ga order chesukutunnaru.

1. How They Started & How It Is Going

Meghduth biryani covid lo 1st lockdown lo start chesaru.. Lockdown valla intlo cook chesukoleni situation lo unna vallaki healthy foods and protein food chesi pampadam tho Meghduth Biryani start aindi. It is owned by 7 drive-in owners, located on Vijayawada – Hyderabad highway. Meghduth lo manaki different varaities of Biryanis & speciality Pulaos dorukutai. Authentic andhra style lo cook chese Pulaos and biryanis lo every rice grain ki spices and masalas aroma untundi. Ante manam tinetapuudu prathi rice grain lo aa authentic aroma  ni enjoy chesela villa food untundi.

2. Must Try & Most Ordered Foods Of Meghduth Biryani

Starters lo they serve ‘Subramanyam Express’ the 100% veg starter made of some vegetables like dondakaya, benda n chamagadd is a must try one and non-veg starters lo Kotameera Kodi aithe chicken lovers ki malli malli tinalanipinche la untundi. Pulao and Biryani’s lo – Bhimavaram Kodi Pulao, Bilal mutton biryani, Gongura mutton pulao, Special Kheema Pulao are some of the best sellers from Meghduth Biryani cloud kitchen.

Offers & More

Ika meeku everyday menu lo unde anni items meedha min 20%-40% discount untundi. So, dear Hyderabadis and food lovers , ext time order chesukuni emain tinali anipisthe ‘Meghduth Biryani’ ni bucketlist lo add chesukuni villa pulaos and biryanis ni break ivvandi mari.

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