This Melancholy Love Medley has Classical Violin with a Contemporary touch


Love can take you to uncertainty in life at some point. Being in the state of uncertainty makes you feel melancholy. This exact point has given us some memorable songs in Indian music. Because this captivating feeling is eternal and has no physical and psychological boundaries. Whatever the language might be, the lyric might be and situation might be, the meaning conveyed is the same. This is the concept of this rendition of three eternal melancholic melodies performed as a single medley. And as the feeling has no language barrier, this “ALLURING UNCERTAINITY” is performed on Violin.

This medley is performed by SandilyaPisapati, who goes on the name of ‘Violin Intoxication’ with the idea of fusing such several immortal hits with a concept. His music style is Violin with a contemporary electronic touch. This fusion of ‘ThakitaThadimi’ by Ilayaraja, ‘Teri Deewani’ by Kailash Kher and ‘Thallipogathey/Vellipomakey’ by A.R.Rahman, takes you to the zone of melancholy love, rendered with a sheer brilliance.

Watch the song here: