MI Debba-Ambani Abba: 8 Times IPL Teams Registered Worst Losing Record

5 Time IPL Champions, alanti team ila matches continuous ga loose avuddi ani evadaina tournament mundhu cheppi unte vaadini pichi odu lu chusi troll chese vaaru, kani andari minds block ayye la Mumbai Indians continuous ga 8 matches odipoindi. Still in shock, how this happened. Yes, team sarigga ledu, auction lo they completely failed, kani how can a team like Mumbai Indians fail like this? May be this is how sometimes life turns out, you face it and learn from it, move on. They are a champion team, they will comeback strongly, kani ee season matram ASSAM.

Ide vidam ga past lo ila continuous ga loose avuthu vaala fans ki shock ichina teams evo vaati results evo chuddam randi..

1. Deccan Chargers Hyderabad had a disastrous run in the first season of IPL(2008), it had lost seven games in a row.

2. After winning its first game against Punjab in 2009, Kolkata Knight Riders lost 9 of the next 10 matches (1 match was abandoned).

3. Pune Warriors India won the first two matches in its debut season (2011), but lost the next seven.

4. Pune Warriors India had nine successive losses in 2012 season of the IPL.

5. In 2013, the Delhi Daredevils lost the first 6 matches in the tournament.

6. Pune Warriors had 9 consecutive losses in the 2013 season.

7. Delhi Daredevils had 9 nine successive losses in 2014.

8. Royal Challengers Bangalore had one of its worst seasons in 2019, with six losses in a row.

9. And last but not the least, Mumbai Indians eight losses in a row in 2022. This is the worst losing streak from the start of a season by a team.

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