More Than Maggi For Midnight Cravings In Hyderabad After The Lockdown

Contributed By: Meher Manasa

DLF Street Food :

Right in between the chaos of the concrete jungle and a hectic workday. This is where all who hustle in front of a screen can find solace with warm food under the moonlight with cold/chilly breeze stiffening your teeth. The variety of food offered here on these streets is unique as you get more than five different varieties of Maggi and a variety of egg dishes and momos which will leave you stunned looking at their names.

Recommendation: A bowl of Egg Maggi / Omelette accompanied with a tasty glass of Badam Milk

Charminar Street Food:

While your nocturnal body is unable to catch up with the daily grind of life take the night off and stay up, drive to the streets of Charminar to have Chicken 65 in Akbar Street Food Corner, and wait till the morning to have Khichdi with Kheema Katta in Shah Ghouse and rush to Nimrah Cafe right at sunrise to get a steaming hot cup of Irani Chai with Osmania Biscuits. Savor the taste of chai with the biscuit aroma lingering in the air and the busiest streets of Hyderabad rather at peace.

Recommendation: A hot cup of Irani Chai, Khichdi with Keema Khatta

Madhapur Night Stall:

Between Karachi Bakery and Pace Hospitals, right on Madhapur Main Road, lies this beautiful stretch of flavourful and colorful 300m of absolute paradise. Starting it off with a heavy meat-filled dosa which has all the spices and the right amount of cheese to kickstart your gastronomy adventure on this street. If you are not full already then dive into hot steaming idlis, which feel like a cloud. End your day or start your morning? With a nice kulfi.

Recommendation: Chicken Pizza Dosa and Kulfi

Y2K Hotel:

Named after a virus that swept the IT Sector by its feet Y2K Hotel’s kebabs will sweep your taste buds by its feet. A fair warning this place is only for meat-lovers and those who can relish perfectly cooked spiced up meat at any point through the day. An economical option for most for late-night biryani cravings as well. It is located in Panjagutta and with good night vision you are bound to find a good tea stall and an idli stall right there.

Recommendation: Chicken Kebab


Walking into Nayab with the flavour of Nihari being cooked in a big vessel at early hours near Charminar,Old City.They offer a wide variety of meaty breakfast with chai. Welcomed by smiling faces and accompanied by most after their daily Namaz, breakfast at Nayab is an experience worth having. The Nihari Paya served there with their Sheermal is a perfect jodi. Their Kheema is a worthy mention and a meaty delight. To accommodate the vegetarians they serve Poori Aloo which is as tasty.

Recommendation: Malai Paya, Bheja Fry, Zafron Chai

Krupa Tiffin Center:

Functioning through the day till late in the night till 1AM with variety of Dosa and Idli to offer you on JN Road, ABIDS. This place is busy through the week and busiest on Wednesdays with 50% off on a bill above 100. They serve upto more than 200-250 customers everyday and the numbers only keeps increasing.

Recommendation: Pizza Dosa, Vada.

Royal Tiffin Center:

Another gem in the city of Biryani is Royal Tiffin center and needs no introduction. With variety of south indian breakfast to offer Royal Tiffin satisfies all your Dosa cravings or Vada cravings at any odd hour of the day.

Recommendation: Pizza Dosa, Masala Dosa

Ram Ki Bandi:

I mean, last but surely not the least the very famous Ram Ki Bandi and how can we not have this on our list when it is about Street Food you get in Hyderabad at midnight. The place obviously does not need any introduction for sure. The start of a small stall to serve all the employees that walked out of their offices after a night shift now is a brand of its own and serves multiple dosas which are all equally tasty and delicious.

Recommendation: Any dosa.

This list is no way exhaustive in nature and if you think we missed any which is worth mentioning do let us know in the comments about the same!

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