7 Mistakes That Make You Gain Weight!


Skipping meals frequently, eating unhealthy food for lunch, eating that extra piece of cake and several other things can be a reason why you are putting on weight. Our fast culture has now no place for a healthy lifestyle or a healthy living. Right from our food habits to sleep cycle, everything is messed up. And, when you do not provide your body with enough nutrients or proper care, you tend to gain unhealthy weight.
Weight gain is often only related to food, but here are 7 things which are perhaps making you put on excess pounds.

1.Skipping Meals

1 7 Reasons For Weight GainMost of us skip meals. We do not have enough time to cook ourselves healthy and nutritious breakfast or sometime we skip our lunch in a rush. But skipping meals is one of the main reasons why we gain weight. Thus, never miss your meals. Your body requires its shot of metabolism.

2.Drinking Alcohol Regularly

2 7 Reasons For Weight GainIt is sometimes okay to party and celebrate. But alcohol consumption should be moderate. Alcohol can have adverse effects on the body. It harms your lungs and kidneys. It also leads to chest pain and heart attacks. But the immediate effect of excess alcohol consumption is weight gain. So, moderation is the key here.

3.No regular water consumption

3 7 Reasons For Weight GainYour body needs at least 6-8 glasses of water every day. Water is required to keep your body hydrated. And, when body reaches a level of dehydration, it tends to gain weight. So, always make sure, you have a glass of water with you.

4.No physical activity.

4 7 Reasons For Weight GainWhile our body and health is 70% food and 30% physical exercise, you cannot ignore the physical activity part. Physical activity or exercise is extremely important for the body. Without it, your body would become lethargic. So, do not sit at just one place and keep your body and heart healthy.

5.You Choose Potato Chips Over Healthy Food

5 7 Reasons For Weight GainPotato chips are surely irresistible. They are flavoured with artificial flavours and preservatives making them super tasty. The salty kick in the deep fried potato chips makes us crave for it even more. But excess sodium is not good for the body as it may make you gain weight.

6.Your Mornings Start With Sugar

6 7 Reasons For Weight GainWhich is the first thing you eat or drink in the morning? Green Tea, Black Coffee or Lime Water are the best ways to start off your day. They boost your metabolism and boost your immunity strength. But most of tend to start our mornings with lattes or cappuccinos loaded with sugar or cream. This unhealthy habit also makes you gain weight.

7.Irregular Sleep Habits

7 7 Reasons For Weight GainSleeping is an essential part to keep your body healthy. Maintaining a proper sleep cycle is important to keep your body functioning. Netflix and chill sounds cool until it starts to deteriorate your health. So maintain a healthy sleep cycle as it can ruin your body balance.