Narendra Modi Wishes Jhonty Rhodes Daughter, India in a special tweet


Jhonty Rhodes is a legendary cricketer and is known for his amazing fielding stunts. He has created history when he played cricket and now is the fielding coach of Mumbai Indians from a long time and the team is on a winning streak this season.

He got his family to join him on the tour. His wife and daughter, India have come here to join him celebrate the tour. He named his daughter, India because of how much he adores the country.

He once said, “I have spent a lot of time here. What I love about India is that it’s a rich mix of culture, heritage and tradition. It is a very spiritual country, very forward-thinking nation. I really like that combination. You have to have a good balance of life. With the name like India, she will have the best of both worlds and that sort of balance.”

It was her birthday yesterday, and the most powerful man stepped up wishing her on twitter.

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