10 of the most powerful women in Hindu Mythology


A woman is an encapsulation of strength, tolerance, calmness, divinity and many more qualities that lie deep inside. After the mindsets of people changing along with the generation today, they have entered into many fields and have proved they can be as successful as any other person. They have stood up with some inspirational stories and they motivated many of us.

All of this begins with some powerful women that have mentioned in the Hindu Mythology. Tradition says that their character was so strong, that no calamity could diminish their spiritual power. Most could’ve picked up the inner strength of these characters and there are a few who do not see the inner capabilities and stick to the superficial ones. This article is a dedication and a motivational step for all the women out there who want to create a legacy.

Let us give these goddesses as well as our female friends, sisters and mothers the amount of respect they deserve too.

1. Sita: Sita is a personification of grace, patience and forgiveness. She is earth’s daughter and she inherits her patience, but there is a limit to everything. This lady is the symbol of strength who survived in a village without anyone’s support, while being pregnant. She is a symbol of love, for she had a love for her husband that no one could define. She is that lady who replied Lord Laxmana that she is a Goddess and the Daughter of Earth and that no one can abandon her!mythology

2. Draupadi : what is it, that comes to your mind on hearing this name? It should be the Vastrabharanam. Put just this infamous incident on the side and look beyond it. Born from the fire, she is fiery and strong willed. It just did not happen right with her that she was used as a stake for gambling. She exactly knew how to plan and take revenge against her enemies and rightly never failed. So do not play with something you think as the weakness of a woman. You never know what she is from the inside.mythology

3. Mandodari : She is a woman of virtue and relentless faith; she tried to mend the ways of her husband, Ravana and also tried convincing him to release Sita from the capture as she could sense the future. Mandodari is associated with water; she is turbulent from the surface, yet calm and deep in the inside.mythology

4. Kali Devi : She is called the mother goddess as she worships her own children. She is a gentle mother and a fierce warrior. She has a love that is as strong as her anger.mythology

5. Mohini : She is the female manifestation of Lord Vishnu and could make anyone do anything with her charm. She was one of the strongest weapons the Gods could use against the Rakshasas.mythology

6. Tara : She is the a woman of great virtue and morality. She is wife of King Bali. She has the traits of intelligence, compassion and light heartedness.mythology

7. Savitri : She is known to face a powerful demon and being her husband back to life. She is an epitome of devotion, smartness and strong will. When young she travelled all over her kingdom in search of a perfect husband, instead of letting her father choose one. She fell in love with a poor prince and married him, even after knowing that he’d die within a year. She gave us a lot of determination and strength that we have to take from her story.mythology

8. Ahalya : She was turned into a rock by her husband. She is a symbol of purity and innocence.mythology

9. Goddess Lakshmi : she is the embodiment of prosperity. She created a havoc among the devas and the asuras when she emerged from the ocean-churning.mythology

10. Amba : She is an Avenging Angel. She is known to have waited to lifetimes for vengeance. She is daughter of King of Kaashi.mythology