If These Movie Characters Were Writers, This Is What Their Bestsellers Would Look Like

Authors books rayadam common but for a change mana moviesloni characters books raste ela untundi? Okavela rasthe aa books ki titles emani pedataru, Emo? So ika late enduku mana konni recent and famous movie characters books rasi vatiki emani titles pedataro chudam padandi…

1) Preethi’s Father – From Arjun Reddy

1 Characters Were Writers2) Arjun Reddys Father – From Arjun Reddy

Characters Were Writers3) Janus Husband – From 96

Characters Were Writers4) Mathimarupu Girl In Janu – From 96

Characters Were Writers5) Mathuvadalra Satya – From Mathuvadalra

Characters Were Writers6) Kattappa – From Bahubali

Characters Were Writers7) Bantu  – from Ala vaikuntapuramlo

Characters Were Writers8) Relangi Mavayya – From SVSC

Characters Were Writers9) Pelli Kani Prasad – From Malleswari

Characters Were Writers10) Rocky Bhai – From KGF

Characters Were WritersBonus: Irrelevant to the post but just for fun…Cup mukhyam BIGILYEE

Characters Were WritersP.S: Meeru inkonni Booksni comment cheseyandi abba!


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