Movies directed by Chandra Sekhar Yeleti gaaru that are marvelous


Chandra Sekhar Yeleti is a Telugu film director and has only 6 movies in a span of 15 years. All of his films are a beauty in their own ways. Each of them carries a very unique plot that is so much close to our real-lives in some way or the other. His debut film, Aithe has fetched him a national award too. 2 other films have also got Nandi awards for story writer, screenplay writer and feature film.

Here are his 6 movies that will make you bow in respect for this man and keep you waiting for his next film.

1. AitheChandra Sekhar Yeleti

2. Anukokunda Oka RojuChandra Sekhar Yeleti

3. OkkadunnaduChandra Sekhar Yeleti movies

4. PrayanamChandra Sekhar Yeleti

5. SahasamChandra Sekhar Yeleti

6. ManamanthaChandra Sekhar Yeleti