Must Know Beauty Hacks Using Talcum Powder That You Must Know


Talcum powder, the product that we almost have forgotten. With the entry of various makeup and skin care products in our life, we all have minimized the usage of talcum powder. Isn’t it? But, if we let you know the various things that you can do with talcum powder, then you will definitely start using it again.

Remember, we are mentioning the hacks you can try with talcum powder but the hidden fact is that you should consider to use baby talcum powder as it is less harmful for your skin. So, take a note of it and try these below mentioned hacks using a baby talcum powder.

Some Really Amazing Beauty Hacks With Talcum Powder

Baby Powder Face Mask

The effect of baby powder on acne is pretty amazing and can result you with an acne free, clear face. So, don’t miss to try this face mask on your acne filled skin. All you need to do is just mix the baby powder and water until they become a fine paste. Then apply the fine paste on your face and let it absorb on your skin for about 30 minutes. Then rinse it off thoroughly using water. Isn’t it a pretty simple solution to the most irritating problem?

Beauty Hacks

Baby Powder Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a brilliant option may be invented by some lazy head. But it is a bit expensive. Here comes an amazing alternative for the dry shampoo which is the baby powder. Yes, it can be used as a dry shampoo. Here is how you can.

  • Apply the baby powder to the roots of your hair
  • Rub the powder thoroughly while applying it on the scalp
  • Now use a brush to blend it

Baby powder will absorb any oil on your hair, scalp and helps in boosting the volume of your hair.

Beauty Hacks

Quick To Try Tips With Talcum Powder

Dusting some talcum powder on the skin before beginning the process of waxing can make the process of hair removal a bit smooth.

Beauty Hacks

  • Applying baby powder before a foundation is a great option for all the oil skin people as it helps them in preventing the production of excess oil on the skin.
  • Baby powder can also be suggested to wear overnight for the oily skin people as it helps in drying their skin a bit and thus keeping them away from acne, pimples.
  • Getting rid of the sand from your skin after a refreshing beach day can feel difficult. But use talcum powder and it will be pretty easy.

Beauty Hacks

You just simply apply your coating of lipstick on your lips, then take a tissue and place it on your lips. Then just take a blush brush and coat some talcum powder with the brush on your lips through the tissue. Then apply the second coating of lipstick and you are done with the look.

Beauty Hacks

Take out that talcum powder bottle which you haven’t touched since ages and try out these hacks. Don’t forget to check the expiry date before using it.