Reasons Why Mustard Oil Is Healthy & Can Bring Good Taste Food Diet

Indian kitchens lo ee ingredient Inka ee oil Indian cooking oka major role play chesthundi. Mustard seeds and mustard oil. Ee oil ki unna pungent smell, high smoking point valla ye dish ee oil cook chesina oka aromatic flavour inka dish chala delicious ga untundi. Vegetable oil , sunflower oil , olive oil mana body health maintain chesthayo adey vidham ga mustard oil kuda mana body health ni maintain chesthundi. Daily basis lo ee oil ni mana diet lo include chesthe chala health benefits untayi. Ee health benefits ni detail ga teliyali antey check out this article.

1. Heart Health:

1-Hearty Health

Body lo unna bad cholesterol ni reduce chesthundi ila body fat levels ni control chesi heart health ni healthy ga maintain chesthundi.

2. Protects From Infections:

2-Protects from infections

Mustard oil lo unna antibacterial, antifungal properties body lo unna infections tho fight chesi body ni maintain chesthundi.

3. Reliefs Cold And Cough:

3-Relifs from Cold and Cough

Ee oil lo unna heating property cold inka cough nunchu instant relief chesi infections nunchi body ni protect chesthundi.

4. Better Blood Circulation:

4-Blood Circulation

Mustard oil tho body massage chesthey body lo blood circulation increase ayyi muscular tension ni release chesthundi.

5. Promotes Hair Growth:

5-Hair Growth

Mustard oil tho hair oil massage chesthey scalp cells open ayyi hair growth ki karanam ayyi hair fall ni reduce chesthai.

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