Narendra Modi Likens Kerala To Somalia And Starts A Twitter BackLash With #PoMoneModi..!!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is facing a backlash after he compared Kerala to Somalia. In a stinging letter, Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy lambasted Modi, saying he has insulted the state. The CM asked Modi to show some “political decency” by withdrawing his remark.

Referring to Modi’s statement, Chandy said, “This is unbecoming of a prime minister and has created a great deal of agony and protest. With great deal of regret, let me point out that they (previous PMs) never attempted anything that brought disrepute to the office of the Prime Minister like you have done.”

Modi Statement Read Something Like This :

”The unemployment rate in Kerala is at least three-times higher than the national average,” the prime minister said. “Infant mortality rate among the Scheduled Tribe community in Kerala is worse than Somalia.”

It wasn’t long before Kerala’s Twitter users began to drum up a storm of criticism under the hashtag #PoMoneModi. The phrase “Po Mone” is a popular movie reference that literally means “go back, son”.

The Twitter Took The BackLash To An Other Level :

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