These Narendra Modi Quotes Will Make You Proud

by Ankita Aggarwal

Narendra Modi quotes are as famous today, as quotes by any other politician in history.

While Narendra Modi is often criticised for his excessive foreign tours, the fact remains that Narendra Modi has been showing India in great light by rubbing shoulders with the most powerful ministers across the world.

In spite of the criticism, Narendra Modi’s foreign tours have benefited India in numerous ways. Not only has Modi travelled to developed countries like USA and Germany, he has also visited smaller nations like Nepal and Myanmar. As mentioned in this Quora post, his trips have not been for pleasure or sightseeing, but to secure deals that are beneficial for India’s economy, and internal security.

Here are the best Narendra Modi quotes to inspire you:

Are there any Narendra Modi quotes we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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