Narendra Modi Second Most Popular Leader On The Net, After Obama

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has millions of followers on social media sites, and is one of the most widely followed ministers of the world, has been found to be the second most popular world leader on the internet.

Modi is second only to the President of the United States, Mr. Barack Obama, who has been a hugely popular politician across the world for his humanitarian activities, and also for the image he carries of being a ‘cool President’.

The survey, conducted by PR firm Burson-Marsteller, tried to study who was the most popular leader on Facebook. Modi has more than 31 million fans on his Facebook page, and a further 10 million on the official PMO Facebook page.

The top of the list however, was claimed by Barack Obama, who has more than 46 million fans on his official Facebook page. However, the PR firm also revealed that Narendra Modi was far more interactive with his fans on Facebook, with his interactions amounting to five times more than those of Barack Obama.

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