6 Healthy Substitutes For Sugar


Manam or mana chuttu pakka chaala mandi ki sweet tooth untadi pakka. And sweets tinte unde anandam is like amazing. Oka meal aipoinaka or when we have guests coming over, intlo sweets pakka untay. But refined white sugar mana health ki asalu manchidi kaadu. Andulo calories tho paatu there are many other harmful effects in the long run. So valla ki there are other options to use for a healthier lifestyle.0 healthy substitutes for sugar

1. Honey – Deeni extraordinary benefit includes boosting our immune system, helps healing a lot of digestion problems. Deenini high heat ki subject cheyyakunda and lot of quantity lo vaadodhu.1 healthy substitutes for sugar
2. Maple Syrup – there are many impure ones. Kani it is the best if we use the syrup in its purest form. This syrup is high in manganese. It is very important in building strong defense system in our bodies. It also contains Zinc which helps in strengthening our immune system.2 healthy substitutes for sugar
3. Molasses – It is produced from the Sugar Cane plant. One serving of this contains chaala iron in it. It also contains good amount of copper. Deeni valla mana skin and hair ki chaala benefit untundi.3 healthy substitutes for sugar
4. Date Sugar – Date sugar ante.. dried dates ni powder form lo untadi. Idi antha easy ga melt avvadu. So simple things like coffee kante.. baking laanti processes lo best untadi.4 healthy substitutes for sugar
5. Coconut Sugar – Coconut sugar contains traces of iron, zinc, calcium, and potassium, as well as antioxidants. It also contains a fiber called inulin, which may slow glucose absorption.5 healthy substitutes for sugar
6. Jaggery (bellam) – Deeni valla mana body lo iron perguthundi and also helps in ailing digestion problems. Iron valla mana hair growth baguntundi.6 healthy substitutes for sugar